Solutions for shedding?

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Princesse- Lily CGN

I am RoyalChi!
Barked: Thu Oct 28, '10 6:59pm PST 
No solutions here, just an amazment that a 5 pound , 6 inch dog can shed so much hairshock
Saddlebacks Huckleberry Finn

Im a Lover not a- Fighter!
Barked: Thu Oct 28, '10 7:23pm PST 
I have always wondered with the amount of dog hair that can be collected in my sheets and blankets alone, let alone the rest of the house, that I don't have 3 bald dogseek
Sargent &- Dutchess CGC

Barked: Thu Oct 28, '10 7:51pm PST 
The groomer I used to work for always recommended shaving a dog with a shedding problem, especially short haired dogs like pugs and labs because it will usually look the same before as after except without the shedding. For a longer haired dog a good bath, high powered blow dry and brushout. Works great for my german shedders.

♥- DEOGIE- ♥

Born a dog but- turned into a- gentleman.
Barked: Thu Oct 28, '10 8:22pm PST 
I haven't owned anything black since we've brought Deogie home and I do love black.frown Funny how we shop around the color of our dogs fur.
Brushing helps a lot. I take Deogie outside and give him his daily brush down. He likes the attention until I get to his butt shock then it's a battle of wills....but I always win.way to go

I have just met- you and I LOVE- you!
Barked: Thu Oct 28, '10 9:34pm PST 
There are things that can *help*, but fact is dogs just shed, and short hair dogs tend to be the worst (ironic, hmm?). Feeding a premium diet always helps, wild salmon oil is great, too. Missing Link is good stuff. My favorite grooming tools for Quincy (my worst shedder) are the furminator and the zoom groom. We have a really great vacuum (Dyson Animal, SO worth the money!!!!!!) and we use those scotch fur fighter on the furniture a few times a week or when guests come over. But hey, it's not called FURniture for nothing wink Yes, the shedding is annoying, but it's nothing compared to dealing with a life without my dogs smile
♥Harl- ey - CGC- SDIT

The ultimate- oversized lap- dog
Barked: Fri Oct 29, '10 12:15am PST 
Yes, the shedding is annoying, but it's nothing compared to dealing with a life without my dogs


Tanuk and Pippin I LOVE your replies! LOL And my dogs are fed a home cooked diet. NO kibble. I feed a vet recommended home cooked food. It varies from chicken to beef lamb turkey etc. Before when I was feeding kibble it was TWICE what it is now. But even with brushing feeding good food and missing link I still get AT LEAST a dyson FULL of hair every day! I'll have to try the fish oil thanks! Keep the suggestions coming! hail

Im just a little- guy
Barked: Sat Oct 30, '10 4:41pm PST 
Long before Milton I had a pug, she shredded bad. Pugs are notorious shredders. They have short double coats. Labrador owners have the same problem.

Maybe brush the dogs everyday instead of once a week. My dog sheds very little and has a sparse thin coat. If he had a coat like a pug, he would fare better in the climate he lives in. At-least double coats are good at keeping the dog warm and dry.
Molly Sue

Barked: Sat Oct 30, '10 5:07pm PST 
I work with a pug rescue.. full of puggie advocates, and still don't know the missing piece.

They shed like nuts even with a proper diet, frequent brushing and bathing. happy dance

*Pepsie the- Papillon*
Barked: Sat Oct 30, '10 5:33pm PST 
Pepsie just has a certain time of year when she sheds ALOT. All I have to say is brush them alot and maybe use a shed control shampoo.

Gone, But Not- Forgotten.
Barked: Sat Oct 30, '10 5:47pm PST 
A friend of mine has a Basset that sheds constantly and she swears by the Furminator shampoo. She said that helps cut down his shedding considerably.

big laughbig laugh @ Tanuk's response. laugh out loud
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