Steam Mops

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Jewel, PCD

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Barked: Mon Oct 25, '10 10:27am PST 
Is anyone using steam mops? Are they a pain or quick and easy? What brands are good? Are they okay on hardwood? My whole house is hardwood and vinyl so I want something that can clean it naturally for Jewel.

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Barked: Mon Oct 25, '10 11:47am PST 
I am also interested in hearing the responses. I am thinking of getting a shark. I currently use Bona hardwood care. It is safe for kids and pets, and I do like the results.
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Barked: Mon Oct 25, '10 12:42pm PST 
I have a Eureka Enviro Steam. I really like it. It works great on my linoleum floors and the tile floors get really clean. I brush the grout with a wet grout brush first and the whole floor looks spotless when I'm done. I also like that the pads are washable so I'm not constantly buying replacements. I like not using any chemicals and still having a truly clean floor. The only thing I don't like is it is not recommended for laminate floors. (I have 3 rooms of laminate floors).


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Barked: Mon Oct 25, '10 12:44pm PST 
Yes, I currently use a Shark. I have had it for over a year. It's great for basic cleaning on vinyl/tile and it is safe on my hardwood floors. If you have a really ground in dirt spot, you'll need something else to scrub that up...but for the average floor mopping it's fast and does a great job. The added plus for me was no harsh chemicals on the floor where my then very young puppy was all the time.

I haven't bought any refill pads yet because I throw them in my whites/bleach laundry load and then dry them in the sun. I have the two large pads that came with the unit. One of them is now just starting to wear out, and I rotate them and wash them every week. So I'm very happy with the fact that I haven't spent any additional money on the pads yet.
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Barked: Mon Oct 25, '10 2:41pm PST 
I have a shark steam mop as well. It works pretty good. But, I will admit I don't use it often. I have a lot of tile and it has to plug in so I have to plug in the kitchen and clean it and then move to the hall and plug in there. Plus I have to refill the water, etc. I don't think it works too good on hardwood either.

I did use my friend's newest shark steam mop that had diff sized attachments for diff cloths. I like it a lot better than mine. More steam comes out and it comes out the top and bottom so you can use both sides. If you get one I'd recommend that one for sure.

I have tried the wetjet, steam mop, regular mop, sponge mop, etc and my favorite is my microfiber type mop. I like it bc I spray the cleaner on the tile and then wipe back and forth with this mop and it dries very fast and doesn't move dirty water or cleaners into my grout joint. I use 409 natural stone cleaner from lowes.

I also use the same kind of mop for the hardwood but I have a different one for it and use bruce hardwood cleaner. I like that the cloths can be washed and they wash really well.

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