Siberian Husky with a Chinese Crested????

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Barked: Sun Oct 5, '08 5:46pm PST 
Hello to all

I have a question in regards to a chinese crested living with a siberian husky. My Husky is 5 months old so she is still a puppy. I am currently intrested in saving a chinese crested as i plan to adopt. I am wandering if my husky would be a good fit for the crested. The obvious problem is that the crested is so much smaller than the husky. My husky is very submissive and has been around smaller dogs with no problems.
Pee Wee

Barked: Tue Oct 7, '08 4:50pm PST 
I have a 70 lb yellow, PeeWee is 6 lbs and they get along great. I think as long as your husky is socialized then they will learn to love each other and it should work out. Good luck and its great you are rescuing a crested in needsmile

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Barked: Sun Oct 19, '08 7:42pm PST 
I have a German Shepherd that plays so rough I will not leave her alone with Elvis. He is o.k. with small or less active dogs but he also perfers to be the King and that causes problems.


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Barked: Fri Dec 12, '08 6:03pm PST 
I don't have either dogs but beware of the husky stepping on the chinese crested when it gets bigger. My humongous german shepherd/malamute cross, Tank, tramples my puppy, Buck, who isn't that big. Other than that I think they'd be great together smile!

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Barked: Mon Jan 5, '09 7:36pm PST 
My "big" brother is a 110 lb Great Dane/Pit Bull mix. All is well here. I have learned to dodge him quite well when he gets going too fast and headed my way. We're pretty smart and fast when it comes to not letting ourselves get trampled! Go rescue that Crested!
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Barked: Tue Jun 23, '09 1:33pm PST 
I had a similar question, except replace "Siberian Husky" with "German Shepherd"...

I am not worried about her stepping on a small dog because I have 7 cats at home and she is very good about being careful and not stepping on them. I've seen her walk over them where I held my breath, sure she was going to step on the cat but she was very aware of where her legs were and the cat was and very careful not to step on them...

I am just curious if a lot of people have a large dog with a Chinese Crested or if you every allow your Crested to play with large dogs?

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Barked: Tue Sep 1, '09 5:55am PST 
My mom has 4 other dogs 3 cresties,Sam, Roscoe and my mom Tabitha and a pit bull named Louie.I learned early on to watch where their feet were but they watch for me to. Roscoe and Sam are the worst about knocking me down though. Louie just lets me crawl all over him and pull his little ears.I've made it since day 1 with all of them around so I think this crestie that you are wanting will be fine with a large dog...cheerhamster dance
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Barked: Sun Sep 27, '09 1:23pm PST 
Dakotah, my Mal mix, was eleven years old when I adopted Tucker, who was about ten months old. For us, it worked out very well. Dakotah was very gentle with Tucker, and the two got along very well together. I think it really just depends on the dogs.