Catahoula Leopard Dogs as Therapy Dogs

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Isaiac - loves to sleep- in his man's lap
Barked: Sat Nov 26, '11 7:25am PST 
Hi, all;

I'm Isaiah, and am reported to be a full Catahoula. I have no papers, and was neutered by the breeder who bought me originally from somewhere in MO; apparently my confirmation wasn't quite up to snuff. My partner Dave, and I want to do some training, and we're thinking about making a therapy dog team. I can be pretty food aggressive with the other dogs in my pack, so Dave feeds us all separately in our crates. My question is, does anyone else here have a human / Catahoula TD team? Any advice?

Barked: Sun Feb 12, '12 12:26pm PST 
I have a catahoula pup who is now almost 9 months and I am also training her in hopes that she can become a therapy dog. Catahoula's love to have a job and something to do so I think with proper training it is very possible. I would try to work on his food aggression, apparently my baby girl Kaia had a little problem with that previously but now she is perfectly fine. I wish you the best of luck!!!

Barked: Sat Feb 25, '12 4:00pm PST 
I don't know anything about becoming a Therapy dog, sorry. But did want you to know that my Catahoula is not food aggressive at all. He even shares his food with the cat. I do feed him twice a day which might help, if you are not doing that already. I eat first in front of him to properly establish my alpha status, but I do share a bit at the end of my meal. I also trained him the "leave it" command using food. Just a few ideas. Hope it helps and good luck. Please let us know if you get any information about becoming a Therapy Dog. Best Regards.


Barked: Thu May 31, '12 6:51pm PST 
I work in a Rehab Nursing Facility and considered doing the same thing with my Catahoula. She just brings me such joy and I wanted to share that with others and at the same time give her a job. Now I think dogs can vary widely within a breed and all dogs are different but Catahoulas are known to be suspicious of strangers and protective of their family or pack. So I felt it was not in her nature to be around strangers as a job. This was years ago and now she is 5 and a much calmer and more socialized dog. I would consider it now more than when she was young. I have heard that they don't mature until around 2 and that has been my experience also. Anyway the best judge of your dogs ability and temperament is you because no one can know your dog like you do. Good luck and keep us posted.