people assume she is a pitbull because she has a tail!

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Barked: Mon May 23, '11 7:30pm PST 
I understand that she could very well be a boxer/pit mix, although my vet said she thinks she is mostly if not all boxer, but I have only had her a few days and have already gotten the "watch out, that's a pit" comment. Do people often mistake purebred boxers (even without a long tail) for pitbulls?

Btw, I love pitbulls smile

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Barked: Wed Jun 1, '11 10:06pm PST 
I'm not expert, but I think Bella is all boxer. Coarse could be wrong.

The head and ears look it at least.

Bella my boxer gets mistaken for a pitbull or an American bulldog.

I can understand American bulldog since they are white, but dunno about pit bull..

A lady rushed her boy away from Bella saying it's a pitbull they are mean. Bella was being loved on by a young girl and all Bella was doing was licking the girl to death.. laugh out loud

Bella would never hurt a fly maybe by mistake when she tries to play with it.. lol

I've seen some boxers with tails at the dog park.

Boxers can live fine with their tails the docking is part of showing I think. Yeah it's part of the boxer standard,but the boxer as a pet can be docked or not docked.

Coarse most good breeders who intend to show or compete usually docks their whole litter because they don't know who's going to be the one they want to keep till a certain age..

I'm no expert on all this so it's just what I know so far and guess.

Pit bulls are a great breed it's just said most people can't tell the difference from a boxer or a pit. >.<

I guess best you can do is work with your dog and be sure he or she is a good example of a behaved boxer.

Bella is still a work in progress she still gets so excited to greet people and sometimes forget her manners and jump, but she's getting better.

Barked: Wed Nov 27, '13 3:35am PST 
My older boxer is a petite fancy fawn (shes not a very big girl) and she goes into stores that allow her with me a lot. It never fails to make me roll my eyes when people ask if my pit bull is nice or not! Some people just dont know dog breeds... Lol