Boxer as a Service Dog

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Barked: Sun Feb 6, '11 7:23pm PST 
I was wondering if anyone else out there helps their owner. I know when my mom has panic attacks, or when she can't move so I lead her to daddy, or if her blood sugar goes really low. I tell her to get her meds. Am I the only Boxer out there that does this?? I know when we are working. I put on a special vest with a handle on it so its easy for mom to grip. However when the vest it off its all play. I love chaseing my ball. In my photo I know its some where...lol still can't find it.wave

Barked: Wed Apr 27, '11 7:03am PST 
I have a nine month old boxer male who is in training and becoming quite successful at becoming at Therapy dog. I have a friend who has epelepsy (sp) and she has a 3 year old boxer that is with her all the time. She is one amazing dog. I am happy to hear there are more boxers out there helping out their owners

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Barked: Wed Nov 2, '11 5:08pm PST 
I know this is a little old, but I have a boxer who was my service dog until he got seizures and had to be retired. At the time we decided I needed a service dog, we had 4 boxers at the time. So instead of adding another dog to the mix we had a trainer evaluate to see if any of our 4 would be appropriate. 2 of them we had raised from puppies and 2 were rescues. The trainer picked Max who was one of the rescues. It took about a year to go through all the training. First he had to pass the CGC certification which allows him to go to hospitals and nursing homes for the patients. Then he passed his Service Dog cert. Because he was anywhere between 4 and 6 years of age(we didn't know how old he was as he was abandoned), we couldn't train him to do some of the things I would have liked, but for the most part, he was great. So it took a year to train and then I had him for 2 years working as my service dog. Unfortunately out of the blue he started having seizures so he is on phenobarb and we had to retire him.

I miss having him with me SO much. We are down to the 2 rescues as we lost the other 2 to cancer. I want to get another one but my husband has a lot of responsibility at work and with me being ill, to bring in a puppy right now with the other 2 would be hard. I am anxious to start the training right away so I will have a service dog. Another issue is our other dog Daisha who when rescued at around 1 year was completely untrained and wild. She is a sweetie and so much better but she is an attention hog and does not like other dogs. I am afraid to bring in a puppy with her. But we guess she is around 6 so the thought of not having a service dog for another 4 or more years is so depressing. Anyway, hoping to figure something out.

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I would love to find somewhere to get a boxer that would help me know when I was about to have a massive migraine attack or seizure like attack from them I am also going deaf I can't afford much since I can no longer work but Boxers are what I grew up with and my own daughter's boxer always knows before i get one and when I am depressed she would stay by me she also kept sniffing a 6" area on my leg so much that I went to doctor and asked him to look at it. He found a 6" blood clot but her dog no longer lives here and as my migraines get worse I am going deaf due to them and would love to find a good boxer that was trained as a working dog