Wipe your Paws !!

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If it WAS yours- It's now MINE !!-
Barked: Thu Apr 30, '09 4:19am PST 
We have had alot of rain this week............ Boy is it muddy... So I have been teaching Max and Hannah to wipe there Paws before we go into the house ..........

blue dog

To my amazement they caught on real fast !!!

Can't even get the kids to do that...

I'm just so proud of them cheer


What cool things can you do.........

Barked: Thu Apr 30, '09 9:27am PST 
Wow! That's amazing!

Great Job Max and Hannah!! cheer

Somewhere there- is something I- can eat..
Barked: Fri May 1, '09 9:26pm PST 
That's cool! Good Job!

Susie Q

mischievious one
Barked: Tue May 5, '09 3:16pm PST 
Way to go... I do that to... Mom is so proud..