Is this a bladder infection or behavior issue?

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Barked: Wed Mar 25, '09 7:01am PST 
Hi everyone, I am 1 year 8 months old and am having issues with going pee in my crate/house. It started off as only happing two or three times a week and now it’s become a daily thing during the week. I get walked in the morning and go pee twice before mom goes to work, I usually do not drink anything in the morning. I am in my crate from about 7:20 am to 3hi50 pm. Last night Dad had a friend drop by the house when he left they noticed that I had peed from the dining room, through the living room and to the side entrance – this has never happened before. This happened at about 6:30 and Dad had taken me out at about 4:00 so it not like it was a long time. I always go poo outside its only pee that I have a problem with.

Mom is going to call the vet but everyone is worried about what will happen if its not some type if bladder infection. I don’t like to see my family so upset, what do you think?

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Barked: Wed Mar 25, '09 9:45pm PST 
I would get a checkup at the vet to rule out an infection. I think that is the most obvious unless you have a reason to think it's behavioral. Bladder infection/UTI is the most obvious.

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Barked: Thu Mar 26, '09 1:22pm PST 
I agree with Max. I think its most likely to be something the vet should look at.


Barked: Fri Apr 3, '09 4:32pm PST 
Peeing while walking is what Boo did when he had constant bladder infections.

I say get it checked out, because going in the crate means they have to sit in it, so that doesn't happen if they can help it once they are potty trained.

good luck!