Question about puppy biting

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Out of line..- Adeline
Barked: Sun Apr 15, '12 9:03pm PST 
Does anyone have any good tips on how to stop BC puppy from playful biting of everyone she comes in contact with? She is very hyper, although, now that she is leashed trained, I've been walking her more during the day and that seems to tire her out more than just fetching the ball in the back yard does. My grandchildren are afraid of her because of this nipping and biting. She is very sweet but very hyper. She does try to dominate the grandchildren who are small, 4 and 6. It's funny how she seems to know she can try and boss them and not me.

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Barked: Wed Apr 18, '12 10:45pm PST 
Hi Addie,
My bc Jett is 13mths old so I can remember well puppy behaviour. So much has changed in the dog training world. A number of well-regarded behaviourists now do NOT believe that there are dominant/submissive dogs or behaviour but rather all dogs can exhibit a whole range of behaviour as do humans.They also think that humans can never be pack leaders to dogs and that dogs don't look upon us that way.Your gorgeous pup needs to learn 'bite inhibition'. Ian Dunbar, Patricia McConnell have some good tips on dealing with this. Providing supervised playmates is helpful. Also, please find articles on the body language and general excitable behaviour of very young children that can be alarming to dogs. Very insightful reading. I use clicker training and if you choose this because you want a partnership based on mutual benefit be careful that your clicker trainer uses only positive reinforcement inc 'shaping' to have the dog offer the preferred behaviour,rather than imposing your will. I haven't done much shaping in the past(much to my regret).Jett and I have just started agility. Our trainer has got me shaping him and it has been a light bulb moment. I hope this info helps. I'm sure youtube will have 'bite inhibition' demos, too.