Do you think I would make a good BC owner?

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Hello All, my name is Ryan. I recently helped to save a 4 year old Border Collie/Red Healer mix named "Bear" from being chained up outside for all of it's life. He was on a 10 ft chain and was never let off! It's a long sad story but I will spare you the details other than I know I did the right thing because the dog's "foster" owner was tired of it barking all the time waking him up, and was going to "shoot" it if no one wanted to take him. (He lives way out in rural country with no one around) I took him and immediately dropped him off at a local shelter so that he could be evaluated by them. They have had him a few days and called me back today to tell me that Bear has pretty much passed the temperament testing, interacting with other dogs and people just fine and that he is now available to be adopted out. He will be neutered and brought up to date on all his shots before going home. I have seriously considered adopting him and adding him to the family. I currently have a Lab/Golden mix, a fenced in backyard, (not huge, but enough for them to run around in safely and to exert some good energy, it is "L" shaped) But having done some research into the breed in the past, I am well aware that the BC breed is HIGH energy and needs to be kept busy, and can get bored very easily. I really do believe I am up to that challenge, and am committed to long walks twice a day in addition to some running time at a dog park, and lots of play time with dog toys. I'll likely end up in better shape then the dog with doing all of this! I want to get your opinions though. It is just my dear sweet old mother and I at the house, along with my current dog. What advice/comments do you have for me in my consideration of adopting Bear? I am afraid of him ending up being adopted out to someone who does not realize just how much attention and energetic this breed of dog is, and then he being returned to the shelter, or worse, being put down.

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