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Little dog with- a big- personality
Barked: Fri Jan 6, '12 10:25am PST 
Hi I might be getting a border collie and have done some research but would like to know info from real border collie owners these are the questions how many hours a day do you walk your dog and how many hours a day do you do mental stimulation eg training also do border collies get on well with smaller dogs if sozilised at a young age because i already have a westie cross bichon called Oscar and wanted to know if a border collie would be ok with him because oscar is fine with other dogs and has met a few border collies before
Thanks Alice

Molly olly oxen- free!
Barked: Mon Jan 9, '12 11:47pm PST 
Border collies are a very high active breed. They're dogs that need some sort of "job" to do, otherwise they'll find their own and it may not be one you're going to approve of. That being said they need a lot of mental stimulation. I usually take mine out for a run to tire her out or i'll take her to the dog park/doggy day care to let her burn off some steam. She never really runs out, but it curbs it enough that she's happy.

As far as little dogs go, I have a chihuahua at home and she and the chihuahua get along relatively well, but Molly will bully the little dog from time to time. She will also chase small dogs when we're at the beach since it's a free for all there and little dogs are everywhere. I suspect this may have something to do with my dog personally rather than the breed itself. She is a little socially inept at times laugh out loud

Just be mindful that if you're going to get a border collie you need to either have a lot of room for them to run, or you're going to need to be prepared to start exercising and taking them out with you daily. Maybe even twice daily depending on their energy level. Either way, good luck in your search blue dog

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Shayne CGC,- RL2

Shayne- Disc Doggin in- the 'Burgh!
Barked: Wed Jan 18, '12 12:35pm PST 
Before you take the plunge into border collie ownership, I would suggest doing a lot of research. Go to an agility/flyball/frisbee/rally/herding event and watch the border collies run, go to a confirmation show and talk to breeders.

You can walk a border collie for days and it will not fulfill the exercise needs of this breed. They were bred to run for miles and miles (intermittently) herding their 'flock'. They need much more strenuous physical work

When I was working a typical 8-4 job living in an apartment in NY living with a border collie mix and a cattle dog/whippet this is what my weekday schedule looked like to keep my dogs happy and well exercised (mentally and physically).

5am--wake up and take the dogs for a 2 mile walk
5:45--shower get things ready for work, eat breakfast etc.
6:45--take dogs to the park (a block away) and play some fetch or do some training
7:25--both dogs got stuffed kongs and I left for work
Mid-day--I hired a dog walker for a mid-day break for a 30 minute walk
5pm--returned home took dogs to the park for some fetch/frisbee/training (if the dogs had a training class we skipped this)
6pm--came home and fed the dogs and myself
7pm--Took dogs for a 3 mile walk around town
7:45--Both dogs got training time
8:30--Down time for me for a few hours to catch up on work, watch TV or do other non-dog things
10:30pm--frozen kong for the dogs (or other long lasting chew or puzzle toy)
11:30pm-- last potty trip.

Weekends were packed with off-leash hikes, trips to the beach, socializing with doggie friends.

Now that I'm living in a place with a big yard it's a little less strenuous since i can just go in the yard and play fetch or take a trip to a farm to let them run about. It still takes several hours a day of strenuous exercise to keep my dogs from driving me nuts at night because they weren't exercised enough.

The breed can get along with other dogs of any size as long as they are socialized appropriately-- mine lives with a Shih Tzu (though he's not that small).

They are an amazing breed but they really are not right for everyone. If they are under exercised and under worked they will find their own jobs and those aren't generally the same jobs you'd like them to do (like destroying your couch, herding children, hiding all your tupperware, getting into the fridge, etc).


Mad dog
Barked: Sat Jan 28, '12 6:32am PST 
Holly gets at least 2 hours a day, some days it's 3 hours, and in the summer it can be 4 hours, it helps having kids for neighbours, they keep each other busy!, one of are neighbours has a Shih Tzu and Gizmo and Holly get along very well, Holly's not a fan of dogs really, she's been attacked so many times, so she knows has a fear of dogs, but she loves Gizmo, after she growled at him because he tried to hump her, they are know best friends!.