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I am considering what breed I would like my next dog to be. I have always had mixed breeds that were rescued, and I will not be getting another dog for a few years, but I want to do my research and find a good breed for me. I have always loved Border Collies since I was a little girl and now I am drawn to them on a level I just can't explain.
To my knowledge, Border Collies are highly trainable and energetic, and need to feel like they have a job to do. Though I'm sure this is just a very small portion of what I will need to learn about the breed, is what I have stated pretty accurate?
I have heard of dogs herding geese in training. Could a Border Collie herd chickens as well? We have a small flock and we do have a hard time rounding them all up at times. Herding chickens wouldn't make up a large part of the dogs day, but I hope it would be a nice, stimulating part of our routine.
I was surprised how many puppies were available on the Border Collie Rescue of California website. I would like to get a puppy if possible, but would also be open to adopting an older dog. How well would an older Border Collie be able to adapt to a change in life style and environment? I know the rescue does all they can to help socialize the dogs, but if I get a dog who hasn't been exposed to very many things, how hard to you think it would be to socialize it at an older age? Would it be any more or less difficult than socializing an older dog of any other breed?
Does anyone know of any good websites (besides the Border Collie Rescue site which I am still exploring) that could help me learn more about this breed?
Would anyone be willing to share any of their own Border Collie experiences with me? I would love to hear as much as I can from anyone who is willing to share.
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YEs you could teach your border collie to herd your chickens and yes there are a lot of Border Collies in shelters because they are so smart and energetic.

Oliver for example figured out how to open our back door. The chicken herding is a great idea, it's better than your dog trying to go after all the little kids and bikes like Oliver. He does sports with me and my neighbors, so he stops all the balls from rolling down the hill.

I say Border Collies are great if your interested in more idependant, smart, energetic dog. Border Collies like to be with people and are fine with dogs, but they won't stay and play all day like labs.

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Misty: Here is a link to an excellent, comprehensive write-up on Border Collies. I think you will find the answer to any question (concerning Border Collies) you come up with here. The write-up also covers training suggestions, excellent books to read and other insights into what to expect if you acquire a Border Collie.


Border Collie puppies are one of a kind, and will keep you hopping from day 1, so do your homework and be prepared to keep hopping at that pace until around 5 years old (Jackson is 10-1/2 yrs old and has as much or more energy than his 1-1/2 year old Retriever mix sister). A lot of Border Collies, especially puppies, end up in homes that are entirely unprepared for the level of time, energy and creativeness required to maintain a balanced home for this breed.

Many Border Collie or BC mixes end up in shelters or rescues for doing nothing more than what Border Collies are bred to do. So, if you decide the Border Collie breed is for you, adopting a puppy or adult from a shelter or rescue is a win-win situation.


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You are doing the right thing, by starting your research now. If everyone would be this responsible, there wouldn't be so many BC's in search of a new home.
Personally, I like the idea of adult animals in general. What you see, is what you get! Even if you know an animals blood-lines and their genetic traits, just like with human children...... who knows who they will grow up to be?
See if you can hook up with someone in your area, find out if there are any agility-meets and just go and watch and have fun! This might also be a good time to find out about sheep-herding classes. Maybe you can find some you can just observe. I believe everyone that wants to get a Border Collie should be required to watch them work first!
My Panda is one of the best things that happened to me. Who rescued who? But, I am willing and able to adjust my life-style around her needs. In return, she has been a constant source of sunshine in my life!

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Misty, I have just checked out the link that Jackson referred to.

You must read this pamphlet, it is fantastic@