first post - advice needed please!

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Let's go! Let's- drive!- Yeah!!!!!!
Barked: Tue Jun 23, '09 8:53pm PST 
Observe your dog and think outside of the box! Remember that everything he does is a re-action to something.
If he behaves well, something caused him to do so. Do more of whatever enables him to be stable and calm.
Undesirable behavior is a reaction to something as well, so you need to figure out what you need to change.
Panda will bounce off the walls if the weather doesn't allow our hours of hiking. I have to keep her crated while I am at work. Our sanity relies on her chasing the tennis ball for a few minutes. It really doesn't take long, but the change is amazing!

Remember, it's ok to be learning as we go. If things get worse, change the routine....

Wishing you best of luck!!

Barked: Mon Jul 6, '09 10:55am PST 
We had trouble too and were worried about him biting us and others. This problem seemed with time to grow only worse. Was house broken then started going in the house again, refused to come when called, chewed, stole socks, kids toys, cloths, etc. everyday all day long. One summer took him on lots of walks taught him tricks, played lots of fetch nothing worked. Could not let him run outside because he refused to come when called. He knew commands but did what he wanted. In the end, because I had a new baby hired a trainer. The first lesson he told us to be first out the door and be sure to put your foot on a step first. We used a prong collar for walks. Every time he would get ahead yank on the collar and change direction. The only thing that worked was the yank and change direction for the walks. The other stuff did nothing. The second lesson for the barking and growling in the cage and refusing to get into the cage. He tried bitter Apple he sprayed in his mouth, I think for some dogs this might work, but mine was just plain stubborn. After trying several things and nothing was working and being worried about the small children I had, he suggested the shock collar with a remote.

This saved the dog, our sanity, and we are all much more happier! I recommended this even to my Aunt for her dog and she is very happy with the results.

I used petsafe dog remote it has different settings on it 1-10. Now, I know this is not a popular idea or tool, but I had tried not yelling, yelling, ignoring, treats, bribery, clicker training, spraying water at him, exercising, teaching him tricks, playing fetch, I was at my wits end with him. The petsafe dog remote changed my life for the better in one day. He can now play and run outside, he comes on command, still steals stuff a little, but not like before, I still watch when he interacts with people, but it is a huge improvement!
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