Should I Get A Berner?

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Miss Diva to- you!!
Barked: Fri Oct 30, '09 7:23am PST 
My hubby and I want a bigger dog. We currently have 2 shih tzus, so it will probably be a while before we actually get a new dog but I want to go ahead and do all of the research so we know what we want going in.
We want a dog with medium energy, thats good with smaller dogs & children, that will like to go on a hike or maybe a run. Grooming and shedding is no issue, we know all about grooming with our tzus. We want a very trainable dog, that will alert us to visitors, but be friendly.
We are interested in a larger breed because I love the though of a big cuddley dog, I can love on. Also, I am atheletic and my Tzus are not interested in going on a run with me laugh out loud. They wanna sit on the couch with me.
Please let me know if I should get a Berner and all the info you can give me will be greatly appreciated.blue dog

Barked: Mon Nov 2, '09 12:46pm PST 
Koda is a love, an absolute love. He is even tempered and is the most balanced dog I've met (not an aggressive bone in his body). he is also very tolerant of other dogs. At the same time he is all puppy at 16 months. He is medium energy mostly and has a less endurance than my Icie.

He sheds... A LOT, losing a little bit of hair every day. My icie is a seasonal shedder blowing her coat about twice a year. There are 2-3 inch furballs around the house every few days. I don't have to groom him at a groomers, except I do bathe him every month and do nails 1-2 times per month (usually after a bath). A good brush teeth comb used pretty regularly is good.

Koda doesn't know his size and plays with little dogs like med/large dogs. So I do watch who he bounds and plays with so he doesn't inadvertently step on them.

I think Berners are great dogs.

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Miss Diva to- you!!
Barked: Tue Nov 3, '09 6:42am PST 
The only thing that worries me about them is their short life span & the difficulty I may have with finding one around me. We may get one a while from now but right now I dont think its the right choice for us.
Thanks for your help.big grin


Chicago Berner-I- Love SNOW!!!
Barked: Thu Nov 19, '09 12:49am PST 
Sad to say, BMD's on average do not have a long life span. If that is a big concern for you, I would suggest another breed. BMD's are WONDERFUL dogs, but they have more than their far share of health issues along with that shorter life span...but I look at it this way...while they are here on the earth with us, they give more love and smiles that it all makes it worth it.

Go to the BMDCA.org website...there is a TON of good information. Be sure to go over to the Health page. Don't think that some of the issues won't happen to you, because chances they will and you'll need the love and the money to deal with the issues when they surface. I have two BMD's both from fantastic pedigrees,but I unfortunately hit the jackpot with health issues with both of them. But I wouldn't give them up for the world.

I'm not being negative, but you must be prepared for both the Best and the Worst should it happen.

Good luck. Gail, Finn and Dugan

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Barked: Wed Dec 30, '09 7:06pm PST 
I have to agree about the health issues as well. Right now our beautiful Bella is having issues with her kidneys. She already has some joint issues and now with the kidney complications she can't take the meds she was taking for her arthritis. BUT she is an absolute joy in our life - we take her everywhere-she steals everyones' hearts!! She adores our grandchildren and is such a kind soul. Now we are very lucky that our daughter is a vet tech and we get everything at cost which has helped tremendously with medical expenses. But having Bella in our lives is worth all these trials and we will always have a Berner - they are definitely the breed for us!