Running with Bernese Mountain Dogs?

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Barked: Wed Sep 23, '09 12:15pm PST 
Does anyone run with their BMD? If so, how far and how old before you started? I assume waiting until it is cooler outside is necessary, but anything else? I would love to take my 14 month old male on short runs with me (2-3 miles) every so often, but I certainly don't want to over-exert him or injure him. Thanks for any advice.

Wishing For Snow
Barked: Sun Sep 27, '09 8:12pm PST 
My vet told me no forced running with my Berners until they were 18 months old. You want to wait until the growth plates are closed, and the larger the dog, the longer this takes. It is always best to check with your breeder or vet if you have any concerns.