Missin' My Berner Boy...

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Riley (RIP- 1/2/08)

Barked: Tue Sep 30, '08 6:50am PST 
Hey y'all. Just wanted to check in...

We lost our Berner to MH in January of this year and are looking to adopt an older pup or young adult. If you have any info or connections, please let us know? We have been keeping an eye out on the rescue sites near us & waiting. We don't mind waiting, but wanted to try every avenue.

Please email if you know of any Berners ISO a loving, cuddling home that misses furballs the size of tumbleweeds!big grin

Izzie Bear

Diving Izzie
Barked: Tue Sep 30, '08 1:25pm PST 
So sorry you lost your Berner! How sad! The place where we got our Berner is Called Canyon Meadow Farms in Puyallup, WA. I believe that they have a few older dogs that are trying to find homes for. Last I checked they had a female that was 10 months and another female that was 1 or 2. Our Berner is 10 months old now and a wonderful dog. She swims, and is a little on the small side, which is nice. I think you can just google, canyon meadows farms to find out more information. Katrina the breeder is really good about getting back to you with information. Hope that helps, happy Tuesday!!!!

Allie and Izzie