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Chaos, A- Demon Named

Barked: Thu Dec 8, '11 4:40pm PST 
Hi, this was my first time purchasing a puppy rather than rescuing. I wanted an Aussie and after years of rescuing (mainly Pits) I decided to "spoil" myself and get a purebred.
So here's my situation.
The woman I bought Chaos from says both parents are AKC, but she's not done paying off dad so she doesn't have his papers in hand yet. They're both registered with different groups as well.
She wants me to keep Chaos unaltered as she says we can still get him registered and she possibly wants to breed him in the future (I don't necessarily have an issue with it as long as both dogs are healthy and have healthy pedigrees).
My vet/boss is a breeder as well, but she sees no reason in keeping Chaos intact. She also told me there's no way he can be registered now since his litter wasn't registered.

This is where my rebellion comes into play... She's breeding dogs that I don't think should have puppies. Her male has horrible allergies, along with the female she's going to breed in May. Her last litter 1/2 the puppies were white faced and she wanted to put them down AND the other half are psycho and mean. So part of me wants to find a way to get my boy registered and prove he can do better than hers... I know it's bad.

Anyways, is Chaos' breeder right when she said he can still be registered and good enough to breed? Or should I just get him neutered and say whatever about the papers?
I've never done purebreds, and if I could've found the right dog for my family in the last year or so, I would have rescued instead... Sorry...

The Monster
Barked: Sun Dec 11, '11 5:20am PST 
That sounds pretty shady to me. Though I admit I don't know much about the paperwork behind registered dogs.

Just know that registration with a kennel club does nothing to ensure a quality dog - it simply means that the dogs are purebred. If the only marker of quality of the dogs is AKC registration, then I doubt the quality of the breeder. If the dogs have advanced sport/activity titles out the wazoo then it might be a different story. Do her dogs do agility? Rally? Obedience? Tracking? Dock diving? Weight pull? Search and rescue? Flyball? Do they do it well?

You will probably get better information relating to AKC papers on the main (not breed specific) forums.

Based on the information you've provided, my guess is that the breeder isn't great. Unless you bought the puppy on a contract stating that you would not alter him until the breeder assesses him in 2 years time (when all the proper health tests can be finalized) then I would neuter at my leisure.

If you want to ~rebel~ then go do something with your dog that isn't breeding him. Go register him in a sport and kick some butt with him.
Chaos, A- Demon Named

Barked: Sun Dec 11, '11 2:53pm PST 
I'm planning on doing rally, obedience, and hopefully agility AND herding with him, and kicking butt smile
His mom is a herder, but dad I think is just show... she really didn't impress me, but she likes my pup because he's the textbook image of a red merle for show (for now at least).