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Huck was nearly killed this weekend...

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Frisbee???- Leap!!
Barked: Fri Jun 19, '09 5:44am PST 
Yes, the sad part is I really explored this breeder's back ground thouroughly. I looked on both the father and the mother's side and there were no real health issues that I saw there. She had provided me OFA hip information and a pedigree data base to check the OFA's and other health testings on both the mother and the father's lineage. She actually came highly recommended...her dogs have won numerous championships and are all titled she doesn't breed very often at all...she did seem like a really great breeder. I've been down the road with back yard breeders and don't want to ever expreience that again. So when I was discharged from the military and decided to get an aussie I spent a good three months researching breeders in my area through the kennel club and rescue organizations.

Yesterday though I found out she rehomed Indy and did not tell the man he had aggression issues. She called me when I was prepping a dog for surgery and it made me so angry I couldn't go back to work. She said as long as Indy has been with her (4 days) he has been a great dog and shown no aggression. So she told the man I bought two dogs from her and kept the one who was a performance dog and didn't have time for the other. I worry about this but as a friend of mine said I'm working on my own heart attack...there's not really anything I can do.
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