scaredy pup

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Penny Lane

professional- escaper-of-colla- rs
Barked: Fri Jun 5, '09 12:22pm PST 
New puppy, very shy.

So Penny does pretty well when it's just she and I...although if she isn't on one of her "safe" spots (the couch or her kennel) she whines and whines. I have a weekend guest and while she has warmed up to him considerably in a day, she still is only at ease when she's in my lap or in her kennel or hiding on the couch or in a corner. She plays well a couple times a day, pouncing and running and acting afool, but she definitely has a scared disposition.

She was a totally different pup at the breeder --bossing her bigger brothers around and generally being a happy dog. The breeder's adult dogs, including mom and dad, were very alert and interested in me, and did not shy away when I approached their fence.

Penny's 12 weeks old this week, and I am thinking that she was not very well socialized. While the breeder claims that she did, I know you can't trust everyone. She seemed to be doing better the first couple of days; she met my boyfriend's mom's Goldens and really liked the odler of the two, who is a very gentle dog, and a tiny beagle puppy, who while he was a bit rowdy for her was still able to engage her in play.

Sorry for the long post! Anyway, I know Aussies can be reserved, and I've only had her for 5 days. Should I relax and just keep introducting her to new things and not rewarding negative behavior like hiding? Or does it sound like she might be perinially shy??

I'm a very worried new puppymom. My boyfriend and I live together and he's in California for the next 6 weeks. I'm afraid when he gets back it will be to a shy, unfriendly little girl who only loves her mama. She's so incredible sweet and affectionate to me...
Sugar- Magnolia

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Barked: Wed Jun 17, '09 9:14am PST 
i'm kindof a scaredy pup, too... and i'm almost 2. from what my mom's read, it's a breed thing. we warm up eventually, but initially we tend to shy away from strangers. i'm easier around women, really uneasy around kids and strange men.

when we are out on walks and around strangers (away from the comforts of home) i seem to know "dog people" and go right to them. other folks make me hide behind mom's legs.

we've been working on socialization since i came home (12wks old). our trainer gave us this bit of advice: meet a new person every day. we tried to do that for the first year, and honestly, even given my issues now, it was still helpful.

your new puppy will warm up to anyone else in your household over time. it will not be immediate, but it will come the more he works with the puppy. be diligent, be consistent... and CONGRATS on the new Aussie in your life. big grin
Cody- Alexander

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Barked: Wed Jun 17, '09 7:05pm PST 
my aussie cody well hes not shy to women but he is very shy toward men and cody is a boy it really suprised me although im 16 and when i lived at my dads house cody was bullied by his blood brother from same litter also their other dogs a jack russel who always tried fighting cody i dont know why and also their other aussie female abby. and also while i was in school i often thought my father was doing something to cody becasue every time i came home cody would be freigtned and in a corner some times but when i moved to my mothers house which is where i live now ( for my safety purposes and codys) he instantly warmed up to my mother he adores her though someday soon id like to get cody a new lil brother or sister. i think that you should think about getting another dog if you only have the new puppy because someitmes dogs feel more secure around their own species. and you deffanitly should not reward negative behavior. i would say coax her out from hideing and if she comes willingly reward her she will eventualy start comeing out and staying. and walk her through the neigborhood let her get used to all the sights and sounds and allow her to meet other dogs and to keep her well socialized you should take her of course when she gets bigger to a local dog park to allow her to socialize with pet owners and dogs of all sizes nad shapes.

good luck i hope you the best life has to offer with your new pup.