Has Anyone Used The FURminator On Their Aussie?

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Barked: Sat Feb 28, '09 7:25pm PST 
My wife and I are talking about buying it and trying it on Baron and Bella. Almost every review Ive read says that people loved it. Just wondering if anyone here has any Aussie experience with it...

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Barked: Thu Mar 5, '09 3:06pm PST 
I have and it is worth every penny! Works great... if their hair is coarse, be careful and not to hit their back legs when coming out of the "gauchos"

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Barked: Fri Mar 20, '09 3:43pm PST 
I have and it works great! Murphy doesn't care for it much but he doesn't like regular brushing either. But I would highly recommend it, it gets a lot of hair off of them.


Miss. Barks-alot
Barked: Sat Apr 4, '09 6:24am PST 
I love it actually I just used mine the other day on my girls and it is worth every cent.
Sugar- Magnolia

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Barked: Mon Apr 6, '09 11:11am PST 
the furminator is awesome! i don't care for it much, but i look soooooo much better after being "furminated" and it takes care of a lot of the loose hair that would otherwise end up all over.
i second what was said above: worth every penny!!

Top Dog
Barked: Wed Jun 3, '09 1:03pm PST 
I have used it on my aussie and I hate it. I have a brush that I use instead because it seems to get out more hair. The directions call for long strokes in the direction of hair growth. That is next to impossible for me with my boy. However, I have a second aussie who is a mix and it works amazingly on her.
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Barked: Wed Jun 3, '09 5:41pm PST 
I actually use the Furbuster, not the Furminator, simply because it was way cheaper ($16) and works just as great (Iv used my friend's Furminator before)
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Barked: Sun Jun 7, '09 11:43am PST 
I'm an Aussie mix but my mom loves to use it on me! I'm not a big fan of it, but it seems to get rid of my fur!