Noise Issues

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Barked: Thu Mar 20, '08 2:15pm PST 

My 5 yo Aussie, Sam, has some issues with noise. He is a rescue that we have had for 3.5 years. We are unsure of his background before we got him. So his problem seems to be with things like phones, doorbells, the computer printer and most recently our baby crying. Noises like this stress him out. For example, if the phone rings he will run to me and as I am walking to the phone he tries to nip my hand. The most recent problem seems to be our 1 yo son. He and Sam get along great but if the baby falls or bumps himself and he ends up crying then Sam runs to him and gets in his face and then nips us while we are in the process of trying to get to the baby to see what is wrong. We are afraid he will end up nipping the baby in the face.
We have done agility training with Sam but have recently moved to another state and have not found a place to work with him. He has also had some professional training and we worked on the door bell issue but but he can't seem to get past it. Other noises like the vacuum send him looking for a toy that he can destroy.
Any ideas to help Sam get over his noise problem?