Hi I'm Queenie!!!

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Barked: Thu Jan 3, '08 2:28am PST 
My mom just signed me up on here for my very first webpage!! I'm 6 yrs old and I have the best home in the world! I'm loved and so well taken care of. I live with my mom (Dee) and my grandma (Willie). Mom had to move in with grandma in 2006 cause grandma got cancer. But she's doing much better now!

Mom is poking at me cause she wants to type now. I hope to make lots of new friends on here!

Hi everyone! I'm Dee and as Queenie said I'm her mom! I stumbled across this website and just think it's a great idea! I've just created Queenie's page and would love to talk to fellow Aussie owners! I love and adore Queenie so much. I truly believe God picked her out just for me.
We live on the central coast of CA and can't wait to get aquainted with everyone!

Dee & Queenie
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Barked: Thu Jan 3, '08 6:42pm PST 
Hi Queenie. Cinnie is my rescue Aussie and we are learning agility and plan to start competing this spring. Cinnie is an awesome dog. She was in the county shelter and had 4 puppies during Hurrican Katrina. I took her in as a foster right after the storm (along with her puppies who were all found great homes), an knew right away that she needed to live with me. After all the devastation here on the coast, I feel SO luck to have found her. Love Aussies!!