Stock trial brags/pics

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Ty boy!
Barked: Sat Oct 20, '07 8:02pm PST 
Ok, so I had a one-day stock trial today (last one of the year;-( ) Ty was entered in Advanced all three and I also trialed Maries Gus (the dark boy I have 10pts and numerous reserves on) in Started sheep and cattle. He trialed in Ducks too but I cant work him very often and he started out trying to eat ducks so Marie took him in....rather have him Q than get thank-you'd;-)

Anywho Ty was the very first run of the day on cattle. The take pens were slop pits and Ty didnt really want to go in there. I went in and helped a bit which in advanced you get knocked a bit for. He drove up to first panel nicely and across to second. Then had a beautiful center. Unfortunately only 2/3 cattle through each obsticle though. We set up the repen really nice but one turned out instead of in but Ty caught it and brought it in. Unfortunately he decided to follow it in....which he NEVER does. ANyway he got an 87...Q is 88. He had the nicest looking Advanced run though according to everyone else...the judge Q'd two runs that were MUCH sloppier....

Then on sheep he did AWESOME!!!! I dont remember exact details but he did most of it with only a couple words from me.....like maybe 10 words total. He ended up with a 112 on them which is the highest score I have ever had a dog get!!! High 90's are great....low hundreds are wonderful and anything over 110 are friggin awesome! This finished his ATDs

Then on ducks we got a group that really pulled to the inside so we really had to work to get them to the first panel but we managed a 91 which finished not only his ATDd but also our Desi's HOF Dam status!!!! This is with only the two pups we kept and I showed/trialed both of them to all of their titles.

So then at the awards ceremony (I had no idea what his scores were mind you) We ended up with HIT Sheep, HIT Aussie, HIT, and High Combined!!!!!! We beat a bunch of other aussies, a kelpie, BC, and Rottie for all this!!! Gus also Q'd on all three classes of stock for his first legs and took Most Promising Started Aussie with our sheep run.

I am on cloud 9! Ty only needs two cattle legs for his WTCh and his CDX for his VCH. Also our kennel only needs 2 more titles for HOF status!!!!

Here are the pics!


Gus MPSA(Man I just love this dog!)
http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e264/CarMelknl/Ty/GusMPSA-1 .jpg
Oreo and I with my new Jacket!
http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e264/CarMelknl/Ty/Oreoand I.jpg

Gus front(right after his Duck run)....he has SUCH a nice front...so strong looking and athletic
http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e264/CarMelknl/Ty/Gussta nd-1.jpg

Ty is now Ch CarMel Knock'n Um Dead CGC CD ATDds OTDc RTDc (I just realized he has only NQ'd on each species of stock once during his trailing career...that is REALLY good)

Desi is now HOF Ch CarMel Desert Nightsong CGC CD STDdsc