StubbyDog of the Week: Earl Grey

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By mom.... Michelle

Earl came into my life somewhat unexpectedly, so have all my animals actually. He came to me at a time where I had just about giving up on wanting another dog in my life - at least for the moment. Just a few months before, I had lost 13 1/2 year old Pit bull x "Spirit" to lymphoma. It was sudden and completely devastating. That alone almost made me go off the deep end. Anyone who has experienced a loss such as this knows exaclty what I mean. The pain - unbearable. I was hurt, but my house was soooooooooo quiet. Too quiet. After a few weeks, I could no longer stand the silence. I was still grieving but I was lonely too. I needed to hear paws cruising around my house again. I knew I wanted a pit bull. My province had banned pitbulls in '05. I thought for a moment about going to the next province and getting a pup. I quickly realized that this was not the best idea I'd ever had and if I were ever to get caught with this "illegal" dog, it would be him to pay the ultimate price. I, in good faith, could not do this. So started my search for Pit Bull rescues in my area. I found Bullies In Need and they had a dog I fell in love with via his profile. We agreed to do a trial adoption. "Edgar" came to my house in November of '08. I instantly fell in love with his silly personality. It was so nice to have the canine component back in my life! I had Eddy for 5 weeks. The longer he stayed the more I fell in love. Sadly though, there was an issue with kitty aggression that could not be worked out. I tried for 5 weeks to get that relationship to blossom but it was not to be. As much as I loved him, he had to go back to BIN. Another sad day, having to say goodbye to yet another wonderful dog. I cried as I watched the lady from BIN drive away with him. That was my breaking point. No more dogs! B.I.N. knew better than I, that being a dog person, always a dog person, that I would come around. So - A couple weeks after Eddy's departure, I get a phone call from BIN. There was an older blue pit bull at a shelter...did I want to meet him. I said "no" at first but she knew enough to know I just needed a bit more time. She gave me another week or so then called back....that blue pit bull is still at the shelter....theres still no foster spots open for him..are you sure you dont want to meet him??? I said "fine" and so starts Earl's story.... Earl Grey, lovingly named by the ladies at the Oshawa Animal Shelter came in very rough shape. He was picked up after being found tied up to a street post in late Oct/early Nov. No one really knows how long he was forced to endure the elements but it was long enough for him to suffer frostbite on his tail and ears. Earl was also a bone rack. Emaciated. He was also missing most of the hair on his legs, which were covered in scabs. They pegged poor Mr Grey at about 8 years old and he soon became a favourite of the shelter ladies but due to his condition and his breed, was not going to be put up for adoption by the shelter. He would only be available to rescues. BIN went into assess him and of course he passed with flying colours! Typical to his breed, even in his condition, he was all love and smiles and tail wags and kisses! A pit bull's resilience amazes me! Earl was brought to my home on Jan 17th, 2009 and we've never looked back. I was reluctant, at first to want another dog after my recent losses but it took about 8 hours and a night of sharing the couch with my new friend to know - he was home! I called BIN the next morning to confirm that they were not getting this dog back! I often look into his eyes and wonder where life has taken him over the 8 years before coming to me. I often think of evil things I want to do to the people that treated such a wonderful soul so badly...then Earl reminds me to not dwell on such things and live in the moment - like he does! Earl has since gained a housemate...foster pit bull girl turned permanent resident that he absolutely adores and life is good!
Earl is a wonderful breed ambassador! He accompanies me to work each and everyday. He's a travellin' man as well. My vacations are pretty much always planned around him. My last vacation was in Charleston, SC to which he joined me. People stop me everywhere I go to comment on what a beautiful dog he is and how lucky he is but 'tis I that is the lucky one to have such an amazing dog in my company!

The only thing that poopoo's on our party is BSL. Unfortunately, my beautiful dogs and I are discriminated against on a daily basis. All people see are 2 muzzled "vicious" dogs. Thank you media (no sarcasm here - no way) We get looked at like my dogs are monsters...we've learned to grow some pretty thick skin over time! I honestly dont really care what others think. I know my dogs and I know they are the most loving loyal friends a girl could ever ask for!!! Thankfully a wonderful organization called Save Ontario's Dogs have been working their little tails off the get rid of the ban. They are ever vigilant...and because of them - we may just see BSL repealed. That would be my dream come true!!!

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