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I am weary of my akita meeting new people. She wants to bark at them at first glance, then run over with fur raised sniffs them out and walks away. Is this normal? People are afraid of her and I don't blame them!! When I have her on leash she tries to confront everyone by barking or lunging toward them!!! This is my only problem with her that we have been working on. Every time she does this I make her sit at my heel and I wait for the people to pass, but she is still locked on them staring hard. Then I get looked at like I am crazy. It has gotten to the point where we only walk in secluded nature trails. What should I do?

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UPS im sorry i posted wrong im newbie here.

About your problem, well is akitas temper, it seems clearly that your dog is not having too much human contact, since beggining, it used to happen to mine ; the unique way to fix that is bringing people to the house.. and training her to get use to.

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I have to agree with the (Guest?) poster here, it would seem that your Akita did not have enough early socialization with strangers. You can do as the poster suggested or you can also muzzle her and take her to places that are not familiar but people are around and begin to teach her by treating her for behaving properly around people, for example sitting near you, instead of lunging. For safety and her comfort, do not force her to be petted until she has been behaving properly and move slowly through the steps of socializing her. You might also want to consult a behaviorist or trainer in your area to help you. Things can get better but it will take a lot of effort and work from both you and your dog. Good Luck!!