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I've had an Akita/GSP for about 3 months now. His name is Atlas and he is 5 months old and still intact. I also own a female mastiff that is a little over a year.

Atlas currently feels that biting people is ok, which is absolutely not ok. I've never had a biter like this and I'm unsure as to what to do about this.

I'll explain, I'll be sitting on the couch, Atlas runs straight for me and jumps up into my lap and then lunges for my chin and bites. It hurts but has never drawn blood.

Another concern, he plays way to rough with our mastiff, he has hurt Willow on several occasions, to the point he had bit Willow and she now has a gash on her eyelid. Willow tends not to correct Atlas and his bad behaviors, I don't understand why she wont.

I've put Atlas on the house leash and have separated them when play turns a bit too rough. It gets to where things are better and as soon as I give Atlas freedom, he's right back to rough play and biting.

When he bites me, I use a very stern voice and tell him no bites. He jumps down and sulks, yet this behavior continues. Sometimes, he will be cuddled up with me and giving me kisses, then bam, he bites.

Atlas is the only Akita I've ever owned and I just want to make sure I do right by him. Overall, he is a very good boy but these behaviors have me concerned.

I currently do not have the extra funds to do obedience classes. I was wondering if maybe a muzzle would be a helpful training tool? Please, if anyone has any Akita specific training ideas, dont hesitate to speak up. I handle constructive criticism well.

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I had the same problem when my akita was that age. I was afraid she was going to hurt one of our cats by playing to rough. Practice being calm, don't wire him up when playing. You're doing great by correcting him right as it happens, but keep on top of it, you have to remind them always. Practice with him grabbing a treat softly from your hand, if he goes to snatch it tell him no, wait for him to settle down and try again using a key word like "soft" or "gentle". Then give him the treat it he grabs it softly. Keep doing this, make sure you set your boundaries! Kuma still gets carried away with the cat sometimes and I say "soft" and she stops mouthing so hard. P.S. Get that boy snipped asap. I was so skeptical about spaying Kuma. Turned out to be the best decision ever!

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