Separation Anxiety

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Barked: Thu Jan 16, '14 6:23am PST 
When we leave our Akita Inu alone for longer than an hour he starts to excessively lick his front left paw. It becomes so bad that his whole left leg will be soaked with saliva. It is now getting so bad that he has started to discolour his fur. The white on the paws is now a pinkish hue and when wet it’s almost red. Not sure what we can do to fix this. He only licks his left paw. He doesn’t really lick himself when we’re around, other than some minor cleaning. He’s only 14 months old and we’ve been crating him for 7 months because he started ruining content of our home when left out of the crate. Any help would be awesome. Haven’t found too much on the internet.

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Barked: Mon Jan 27, '14 5:29am PST 
Try putting something like a frozen Kong toy filled with canned food or something he likes in the crate to keep him busy,hopefully he will lick himself less. Akitas really do not like to be away from their people for extended periods of time especially at his age. I hope this helps and Good Luck!!!