Behavior change

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Barked: Thu Dec 5, '13 8:17am PST 
I need some advice on behavior change for a friends 4 year old male Akita. He has recently been doing his buisiness in the house. There is a new dog in the house that is a very tiny breed. They use Wee, Wee pads for the tiny dog to ensure no in house accidents. The Akita has no taken to using these pads instead of going outside. will actually hold it until he can come back inside. What is the best re-training advice. Should she remove the pads for the small dog or is there another way.

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I would teach the little one to "do it's business" outside and get rid of the pads. It sounds like the Akita is feeling a bit slighted by the presence of the other dog. Given time things will likely get better but they need to make sure that the Akita is getting his fair share of the attention as well. Good Luck.