Bringing an Akita in our family.

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We have currently made the decision to bring an Akita into our family. My husband found a family that had bred their dogs having a litter of 11 puppies! This will be my first dog; however, I'm not unfamiliar with dogs having been around them my entire life (my mom's dogs, family members dogs, cats, etc.) Also having a stepmom who works in a vet clinic. I've grown very found of dogs after having had two children of my own and seeing the way dogs bond with children. I've read that Akita's are not for people who are getting their first dog. My husband has had and trained a dog before but it's been a while. Can you explain to me why I shouldn't have an Akita as my first dog? I'm caring but firm and I understand that an Akita should be made aware of it's place in the family without being aggressive about it. Is there more I should know? I might also mention a few other thing: 1: The puppy is from a WONDERFUL family and we are allowed to visit anytime as the puppy matures to come home with us. 2: I have a 9 mo and a 2 year. The Akita is a gift to my 2 year, we are hoping the Akita will help with his stranger anxiety.

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The major reason Akita's are not recommended for first time dog owners is the fact that they can be very willful and although very intelligent don't always listen immediately. They typically require that before they do as you ask, they see something in it for them. If you feel, and you certainly seem to, that you can be firm, fair, consistent and expect the puppy to meet your expectations and you have the back-up of so many people willing to help you, you should be fine with an Akita. I have known several people here at Dogster and in my life that have had no experience with dogs become excellent Akita owners. Good Luck and Enjoy. I also will be happy to help if I can. Just p-mail me and I'll respond. Mika& Kai's mom, Pam