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Hello smile we are looking to get a new family puppy as our old lab just passed from cancer. We have 2 children under the age of 2 and we live in the NT. We exercise daily by walking to all of our destinations instead of driving (we live on an island) and also have a jack Russell. If we are at home we mainly stay outside and play most of the day. I have no doubt that we will be able to give an akita a loving home with food and exercise that he/she requires. What I am concerned about is all of the conflicting information on the dogs personalities and behavioural issues. Some say they are awesome with kids and a wonderful family dog and others say they are being banned in certain countries. What's your thoughts on Akitas in the sense of do you think they are generally an aggressive dog not for kids or it all depends on how you train them dog?. I know this sounds like a silly question but I have been with my jack Russell since birth and all the training in the world hasn't taken away his crankiness. Although he no longer snaps.

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My Akitas are wonderful with kids. Not all of them are, a lot depends not only on how they are raised and weather or not they are raised with children but also on general temperament. I would never get an akita from a pet store, shelter's can be iffy, and no rescue in my region will allow a home with young children to adopt an Akita. My advice would be to first research the breed thoroughly, they are not an easy breed and need firm fair consistent training from day one in your home, they can be stubborn and willful and are not a breed for those with little dog experience. Also you mentioned you have a JRT. There may be an issue with the smaller dog and a prey driven Akita thinking he is prey which could cost you your little one's life, even if they get along early on. Mine get along fine with smaller dogs except my spayed female hates all other female dogs spayed or not and size doesn't matter. There was no issue until she was around 3 so while things might be fine in the beginning they may not later. Just something you need to be aware of and again not always an issue. A less prey driven Akita is less likely to have an issue and socialization with both different people and animals is an absolute must for the life of the Akita. If you are truly interested in the breed you need to find a reputable breeder who will be willing and able after getting to know you and your family a bit, tell you honestly weather or not they feel your home would be a good fit for an Akita. We got to know our breeder for more than 6 months and she had also come to our home and met our Akita we already had and learned about my previous experience with dogs including an Akita mix before we were approved for one of her puppies. I am not trying to offend or discourage you, I just want you to understand that there is a lot to owning an Akita that is very different from owning other breeds and you truly need to know and understand what you are getting into before owning one.
An Akita bred for good temperament in general will also usually adore children, especially their own but a small percentage simply do not have any interest in children and a good, reputable breeder will know their breeding stock, their lines, and their puppies and be able to match you with the puppy most likely to fit your needs and adore your children. Another caution CHILDREN AND DOGS NO MATTER WHAT SIZE OR BREED SHOULD NEVER, NEVER BE LEFT UNSUPERVISED EVEN FOR A SECOND!!!!

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I agree with the above. I strongly believe it's how you raise the animal. I think any dog can do poorly with children if not exposed to them as a pup. Our 1 year old Akita, Koda, is magnificent with our daughter. She is now three and was 2 when we got him. We brought him home at 9/10 weeks. As long as you get your pup from a well known, reputable breeder, who truly understands the breed's disposition and isn't looking to make a quick buck, you'll be good. He is loyal, protective (but not overly so), gentle, though if our daughter is being too rough he lets her know, but has never once tried to nip at her. He is also great with our 9 year old pomeranian, though we had to put a bone up because the two were getting jealous. They are like brothers...that is the best way to describe it.

Good luck! An Akita is a lot of work, but I'll never own another large breed again. I''m an Akita owner for life!