Curious if an Akita is right for me.

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I am moving to the Charleston, SC area in about 6 months. I am wanting to get a dog when I get there. I will be living in an apartment most likely. I will also be working a full time job. That being said I have been a very avid dog park goer. I also have owned one dog, a pure bred GSD for 10 years. I have been a part of raising and training multiple other dogs through roommates over the last 3 years.

So my question is: Would an Akita be right for:
My apartment living (with stipulations of course)
My dog handling experience
Job commitments

Thank you for your input.

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In all honesty that is up to you. While they can live in apartments with exercise they are not generally good at dog parks once they reach adolescence. There are exceptions. They are also very one person oriented and prefer to be with their person as much as possible and may develop separation anxiety if left alone for too long. SC weather is also not ideal for their comfort. You may have the background necessary to handle an Akita but they need firm fair consistent training and anything you do not want them to do later you can NEVER allow from the beginning. They also require a great deal more socialization than most other breeds and to not socialize them daily with different people and other dogs can and usually does lead to them becoming overly protective territorial and possibly aggressive toward strangers. Only you can decide if you are willing to be dedicated to meeting the needs of an Akita. I can tell you from 17 years of experience with the breed that were I my husband and I to both work an 8 hour day it is unlikely as much as I adore the breed that I would own one. I can honestly tell you that they require daily socialization for at least the first year and should meet at least 100 different people during that time if an only dog they need about 2 hours of daily exercise aside from walks and training must be short sessions throughout the day. The first year each of mine,we have had 3 now was with us I spent an average of 6-8 hours daily working with them. Being completely honest with yourself is an Akita right for you?