Zara needs your help!

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Princess of the- House
Barked: Fri Sep 21, '12 10:28am PST 
So Zara the White Akita joined a contest at our local pet store. It's her favorite one. And we need votes because it's 20% of the qualification, the 80% goes to the judges.

If Zara wins, she get to be one of the 6 dogs (along with 6 cats) in an animal welfare foundation calendar. And she gets a gift certificate from the pet store. I don't get anything from it, I just want my dog to be happy.

So far, a lot of other dogs have surpassed us, but we're still trying to garner more votes!


http://apps.facebook.com/pose-for-paws/index.php?g=71&fb_sourc e=direct

Just copy/paste the link above to your browser and go to the app, allow the app, like the app, and then like Zara’s photo. If you can’t find her photo, click the link above again, it’ll open up on the photo. Or you can put "Zara of Elly Ang" in the search box. big grin

You don't have to register in the app, you just need click the white/red "like" button below her photo when the panel appears.

The app does not load on Safari though.

ANYWAY! Please vote for Zara, and if you can, share it with your friends. puppy

And yeah, we're pretty new here! I found this site when I was looking for information about akita puppies and when do their ears start to perk up. Haha!

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Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Fri Sep 21, '12 10:34am PST 
Zara is beautiful but I will have nothing to do with facebook. I'm also sure you found your information right in this forum because we answered that specific question for someone else. Good Luck.

Princess of the- House
Barked: Sat Sep 22, '12 5:19am PST 
Aw. Thanks anyway. And yeah, I already saw the answer. Can't wait for Hugo's ears to perk up. happy dance