Akita pigment changing color from black --> pink --> black

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4 months ago, my Akitas nose, corner of eyes, and mouth started changing from pink to black

We were concerned about autoimmune disease: namely VKH and were supposed to go get a skin biopsy to diagnose it

However, a month ago, they started reversing back to black again and we did not bother. Once again, his pigment is going back to pink. From what I understand, autoimmune disorders involving Vitilligo/loss of pigment are permanent. Anyone have this happen with their Akitas due to allergies or some other reversible cause.


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Lobo has an immune disorder known as Pemphigus Foliaceus. It's actually common in Akitas. Not "common" in the sense that it's seen in /many/ Akitas, but in the sense that, if your dog has it, your dog is more than likely an Akita or has Akita in him.

Lobo's on medication for it, but it is a lifelong thing that he will always struggle with. Always.

From what I know of it, it looks different for every dog, but typically attacks the facial area, the paws, and the "personal" places.

Take him to the vet and check it out. Most immune disorders are fatal if not treated. Pemphigus Foliaceus is also fatal if not treated and medicated.