"Akita's are genetically aggressive"

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big mean man- killer
Barked: Tue Apr 6, '10 8:51am PST 
i have worked in vet offices and I have noticed something .. Its not what a dog breed may do its what its capable of. That said I have a phobia of basset hounds ............ from my time as a tech intern ... I will muzzle them before a pit or a rottie . I have been snapped at some many times bye them in situations that pits and dobbies pee'd or whined because of .

But I will say there is ALOT of evidence showing the link between to much soy and thyroid problems causing elevated aggression in akita’s and chows........ You should look on line...

As long as they- think they're- the boss
Barked: Fri Mar 4, '11 6:02pm PST 
I don't know about soy causing agression in Akita's but I do know they should NEVER be fed soy or soy based foods because soy causes
intestinal gas and can lead to bloat and gastric torsion which can be
fatal and beyond fixing by the time the dog shows symptoms. Just adding another of my 2 cents to the forum.


Duuuuuh CHICKEN!
Barked: Wed Jun 29, '11 7:42am PST 
I find this fearful mindset very frustrating, and have been on the receiving end of peoples "facts" all too often throughout my pet loving life.
Currently I get scorned for owning Bill who is an Akita x Mastiff.
He will grow very large, be very firm to look at, and may even set those who have an innate fear of canines on edge.
He is also however, brought up correctly with a firm boss of the household (yes, that'll be yours truly) and an expectancy to adhere to all commands i give him - so far he's doing very very well and we go about our daily business without Bill's bad behavior causing any concern whatsoever, quite simply because he doesn't show any bad behavior.
This is until you meet someone with a "fact" that they insist on sharing with you and anybody else who will listen!

"Akita's are aggressive you shouldn't bring them out in public! What is he, is he Akita? He looks strange for an Akita, what is he crossed with?"
"He's an Akita x Mastiff"
"You shouldn't own that dog, he will bite your arm off when he's bigger, he will hurt somebody, he's an aggressive dog already, look, he's starring at me! Don't come over here this man has an Akita, and it's crossed with a Mastiff, keep your child away this dog will eat your child!"

The above is a generalization of the stuff i usually hear from these crazed moronic individuals (yes these people actually walk the streets unmonitored and unattended!). At this point i usually walk away or stupidly stupidly attempt to educate these people:

"Actually he is very friendly, you are more than welcome to stroke him if you would like to. He's starring at you (i know it's because they're making a fuss and because they're setting Bill on edge with their behavior but i obviously keep this to myself) because he doesn't know you, that's all."

As you'll all be more than aware, this never ever makes the slightest bit of difference. They look at you as though you've skipped your meds and away they go.

This hasn't changed as Bill's got older, he is now 6 months weighing over 77 lbs and is quite a sight. He is still as gentle, polite, and friendly as he was when he was a tiny thing that people adored. He still obeys every word i say, and has never caused a scene albeit he has been party to a few, no thanks to the crazies. At least when he's in the 150 lb+ region they wont even bother coming over to lecture me! Ha! happy dance

Anyhow, it's the mindset of some people to portray these "facts" to whoever will give them audience, and unfortunately it is not something that can be changed for all too many of them. My own family abhor me coming to visit if i bring Bill as they too are scared of him. The reasoning behind this fear 9/10 boils down to "i was told as a child never to go near big dogs by your Gran so go take it up with her, and i taught you the very same lesson, why didn't you listen?" It's quite sad really.

Glad you convinced your friend otherwise! dancing


Still even more- to learn.
Barked: Fri Jul 15, '11 9:05am PST 
I understand your frustration!I luckily have a supportive family and wonderful neighbors on either side of me who,knowing my Akita's are just happy that they make us happy. I too,have gotten the an Akita? Why? Why would you want to own an agressive,dog fighting,small animal and child killing people mauling potential killer like that let alone two of them? Ijust tell people those arent the Akita's I know,the ones I know are quiet,well-behaved,watchful protectors who are very sweet and loving,in fact they watch over my grandchildren like anxious new parents and are even happy to be their pillows when the kids want them. If the Akita's you know aren't like that,then it's the owners don't know how to raise them,not the breed. Some people can be open-minded or have their minds changed when they see what a well raised "bully breed" can be others will never be convinced.You already know the truth and that's all that really matters.

Still even more- to learn.
Barked: Fri Jul 15, '11 9:12am PST 
Perhaps we should all carry a supply of tin-foil hats for the people who really feel the need to give those of us who are crazy enough to own one, advice about our own dogs and how they're going to behave.

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Barked: Sat Oct 13, '12 10:41pm PST 
im an akita owner and i would agree that due to their genetics they are aggressive. i have two wonderful akitas but they arent taking crap from any dog. my male will fight a dominant male and the female will fight another dominant female. they are very well trained and socialized. the thing with the genitics goes back to how closely linked to the wolf they are. they are an old tough breed that hasnt been changed. dogs are descendants of wolves and most dogs have had the wolf bred out of them. my dogs get a long with my cat but would kill any other animal that wpndered in theyr yard they are a dominant territroial breed just like a wolf. sorry for all the typos dont have my glasses on.

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Sun Oct 14, '12 7:53am PST 
You are confusing prey drive and territoriality with agression. Akitas were bred to hunt and also as guardians,properly socialized they are not agressive. I have owned Akitas for more than 16 years and none of them has been anything but friendly off our property. At ages just turned 3 and nearly 6 mine go to laces like Petco,parks,my husbands workplace and other events regularly without issue. Bred for sound temperment and well socialized this is a typical Akita. Badly bred,improperly handled,or poorly socialized they will become overly protective of their territory and people and will potentially become agressive but it is not genetic for them to be so unless two unstable or two with poor/agressive temperment are bred together,a very poor practice in breeding and certainly not something any responsible or reputable breeder would do. Just curious where are you getting your information and how much experience do you have with the breed? How old are yours,have you previously owned the breed,how much/how many years have you put into researching the breed? Do you keep updated on the latest findings/issues with the breed? The type of Akita you describe is far from the type I know and much of your information seems outdated. Just my opinion.

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Thu Oct 18, '12 6:06am PST 
Your female not liking other females dogs and your dog not likeing males is same-sex agression. It is actually common in alot of breeds,not just Akitas.
that is genetic,as I stated in my first post however the rest of it is simply being protective of what they see as theirs. Would still like to know where you got your information,please?

"Stubborn" dogs- don't need- corrections
Barked: Sat Nov 3, '12 1:23am PST 
I get really tired hearing people say that dogs are descended from wolves.

You realize that was over 20,000 years ago, right? There are even dog remains that suggest FAR longer than even that. That's MORE than enough time for the dog to become different from the wolf. A dog is a dog. A wolf is a wolf. They may be distant relatives, but they are no longer one in the same. Their social structure is different, their signals are different, the way they interact with humans, other dogs, even other ANIMALS is different. The only thing that has managed to stay the same, is their anatomy.

With that aside, I've been lucky. Lobo looks more like a Husky than an Akita, so most people don't bug me about it. In fact, the only time anyone had any clue what an Akita was, was a little girl who said, "Oh, yeah, Akitas are hard, huh?" and I said, "Yes, but we're working through everything with positive reinforcement and Lobo's doing great." She loved Lobo. And this little girl was no older than eight. I was happy.

Other than that, all other owners I've spoken to have nothing but kind words for the breed. Perhaps some are biased, but if you live and breathe a breed, you're going to know virtually everything about it. And these people have all completely disagreed with the saying, "Akitas are genetically aggressive." And I must say, I do, as well. Lobo may have issues with other dogs, but from my gathering, it's because he's insecure and unsure and quite, well, dumb when it comes to dog language. He gets along better with dogs who ignore him at first than he does with dogs who immediately try to meet up with him. He's better if he gets to walk around with the dog first, and then he's perfectly fine.

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Barked: Sat Jan 19, '13 2:37pm PST 
I love the Japanese breeds. I have owned two Shiba Inus and loved their aloof nature and independent spirit. I had wanted an Akita but heard so many horror stories about aggression. I started to read about them endlessly and had the chance to meet a few, none of which showed any aggression to either myself or my Shiba.

I purchased my Akita puppy two months ago. I spend a lot of time with him. At jjust 4 months old he is house trained, does his business in one area in our yard only. He can sit, turn right, turn left, heel. He can speak, lie down, and give me a high five. I walk him daily for an hour, once or twice a day depending on his energy level. I walk with a group of people, sometimes 5 -10 people all with different breeds of dogs, along with my Shiba. So far he is playful, he sees my 13 year old Shiba as his superior. Everything he gets comes from me or my husband. We come through the door first, we leave first, we eat first, etc. so far he comes when I call, I allow him off leash and he does not stray. That may change as he gets older. He is strongly motivated by food. He is very affectionate, in that he likes to be near us but is not needy or whiny.

I think dog aggression comes from improper handling. Not socializing your dog as a puppy, not exercising them enough, and not understanding the needs of the breed. They are a working dog and need to be mentally and physically challenged. They thrive on positive reinforcement.

My son had a serious facial bite from a lab when he was 8 years old. I done fel all labs are agressive.
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