first time "blowing coat"?

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The Gentle Giant
Barked: Sat May 9, '09 8:25am PST 
I'm a male, long coat (woolie) akita! I am only 9 months old and this is my first summer. My parent's are a little worried because I haven't blown my undercoat yet. Is this normal?

Mom or dad give me a good brushing at least 3 times a week with a slika brush, and a bath once a month. I hardly shed at all. Even when mom tries to brush me with an undercoat rake, nothing happens!

I pant an awful lot on warmer days, but my parents make sure I have plenty of fresh water and stay in cool areas out of the sun. They know better than to try to shave my hair off as it might be bad for my skin and hair regrowth frown

Any advice you can give my mom so she doesn't feel so worried about me?


Stubborn and- Dominant, Humpty- Humper
Barked: Sun May 24, '09 8:50pm PST 
i have my first akita who is now 7 1/2 months. he's a long coat male. mine hasnt "blown" his coat either. but i wouldnt worry about it. if it happens, it does. i sure dont want it to! its SUCH a blessing to have a dog that doesnt shed, believe me! dont wish for it!! even though this is my 1st akita, i've read a lot of books about them and the best thing you can do is give your dog a cool bath every few weeks and keep brushing them. i find the more baths i give the more hair that falls out of him. it actually assists with the hair loss/replacement process. i dont think long coats "blow" the same way a reg akita does. i get alot of my info on the yahoo group "akitaFluffers " go on there and become a group member, they will help you! also, ive shaven my guy twice already. not be/c i wanted to, but be/c the groomers decided to do it on their own they didnt know what else to do with his coat. anyway, both times it was in the winter. i wouldnt recommend it in the summer as they can get sun burnt quick ! if you become a member in the Akitafluffers group you can see their groups pics, and i posted an album of "what a long coat looks like all shaved off!!" he looked so funny and like he lost about 30lbs!! any questions, just ask me too, i'll be glad to help. oh yeah, when you bath him/her use a matted glove or something with little brissles on it to assist the hair pulling while you wash, that gets tons of hair out!!! and use a drain stopper to collect the hair!!! and use oatmeal shampoo and conditioner. and after a little doggie colonge!

The Gentle Giant
Barked: Tue May 26, '09 5:50am PST 
Thanks Samson - nice to see another wooly!!

The only thing I'm really worried about is since his fur is still so thick with out blowing his coat, it much more dense and able to get hot spots. He just got his first hot spot this past week on the base of his tail - noooo fun. We had to shave that area to let it air out and make sure he didn't try to bite it (its very itchy). He's doing better now, but we have to be especially careful to make sure moisture doesn't get trapped under his tail or other hair-dense areas.

BUT I wouldn't trade my pup for the world! He's the sweetest thing ever, cute as a teddy bear. big grin