Hi all - I'm new!

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It's a creepie- life for us...
Barked: Fri Sep 12, '08 9:11pm PST 
Hello everyBODY!
I'm taking some time from biting and following mum and dad to message you all. I am a mixed puppy pal. 1/2 Australian Cattle Dog 1/2 Akita. Though, I seem to have more of the ACD in me. Mum has done ALOT of research on the ACD in me but not so much of the Akita. So if you could help her out and let her know what to expect from the Akita side of me, she'd appreciate it so much.

While I'm a little shy at first, I do like meeting new people but DEFINITELY love meeting new dogs, so I hope to hear from you soon and perhaps become puppy pals!!