Yorkie owners seeking Help: Liver Shunt

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My name is Jon, my wife Wendy and I have a one year old Yorkie named Gizmo. He recently had a bile acid test that came back highly abnormal, which led the vet to finding that he has a liver shunt. At this point he will need a very costly surgery to let him live a full and healthy life. Without it, we are told that meds/diet will sustain his symptoms, but will still lead to liver failure within a few months to a year.

We are a young couple that is trying to make ends meet. At this point, we are financially incapable of helping our little guy and are desperately trying to find some assistance. We can't imagine losing him.

Please take a moment to view our link as we are trying to fund raise for his surgery:

If you can, please spread this link or donate. Any help will be greatly appreciated.