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Spoiled little- Princess
Barked: Sun Nov 7, '10 2:22pm PST 
Is anybody a member of Yorkietalk.com? I don't even have a Yorkie but I hope to in December, but I'm addicted to YT! If anybody gets an account leave me a visitor message! My screen name is Kdgd14. cheer


Barked: Wed Nov 10, '10 11:08am PST 
Yes, I am a member of yorkietalk.com, have been for 2 years now, and I LOVE IT! It is a wonderful site! My username on there is Dara311.

Great place! cheer

Barked: Thu Nov 18, '10 10:21am PST 
I'm a member on YorkieTalk also, but haven't been on there in quite awhile. I only go on occasionally. My user name there is sganow.


Barked: Mon Dec 27, '10 7:23am PST 
I am a member of YT my screen name is donnainohio63
Lucky Jenks

Mommies little- foot-warmer
Barked: Sun Sep 4, '11 6:45pm PST 
Anyone around still? I just joined Yorkietalk.com my name on there is HeathenFaerie
Sir Winston

Winston-Quick- like a thief in- the night.
Barked: Fri Nov 11, '11 12:14pm PST 
Hi All,

My mommy is Winstonsmom on Yorkie Talk. I also have a new little sister Stella. She is a diva at 4 months old and is running the house already. I have to teach her everything, because she is such a puppy she just doesn't listen. And she is always in my toys and she takes my bones and hide them. One day I was not happy and I really told Stella to get out of my things!!! My mommy let me yell at her because she has to learn. I love Stella but I'm not telling her that because she is such a puuuuuuuppy.

Barked: Thu Jan 26, '12 10:06am PST 
I know what you're saying Winston. I have to keep my little sisters in line too! laugh out loud
Cedric- Phineas/Prin- cess Prince

Cedric loves- bully sticks &- toys
Barked: Wed Mar 7, '12 10:04am PST 
I am a member of YT and am totally addicted to Yorkies. dog walk