Sick Yorkie

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Barked: Tue Dec 2, '08 12:47pm PST 
My Yorkie has been shaking constantly, has no appetite and is very lethargic .. it as been going on for 24 hours now. He did vomit bile early this morning once. Anyone seen this before or have an idea of what could be wrong?

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Barked: Wed Dec 3, '08 6:26pm PST 
If you haven't already you need to get your baby to the vet. Hope all is well. Please post back w/your progress.

Barked: Sun Dec 21, '08 1:32pm PST 
My Chico was exactly the same, lethargic, no appetite, shivering and vomitting a little bile - I took him to the vet. She checked him out - said his heart and temperature etc were all fine and that he may have contracted a tummy bug. She put him on a course of anti-biotics for 5 days and he's back to his bouncy mischevious self again...............big grin

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Barked: Mon Apr 15, '13 11:55am PST 
Our baby is doing the same with the addition of a clear mucous like diarrhea, the problem we are facing is our puppy is in a place where he cannot get to a vet. Is there anything we can give him to induce drinking again and to help him recover?

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Barked: Wed Jun 12, '13 6:32am PST 
Our Yorkie has been doing the same thing on and off over a couple months. The vet would give an antibiotic, it would go away, then it would come back. The shivering and lethargy were apparent right after he would eat (that is if he would eat).

We did a bile acid test which came back highly abnormal. By testing his liver, they concluded that he has a liver shunt. This is very common with Yorkies, as well as the runt of the litter.

I hope in your case this is not as severe, but it is a possibility.