The googly-woogly Googlism game!

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Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Thu Apr 14, '11 1:41am PST 
A new game for all the Dogsters to play!

When I found the ____ likes game I was inspired! The aim of the game is to go to the site 'Googlism' (not google) and type in ______ is. (Your dogs name) and see what comes out. Put in the three first/best ones! Okay I'll start.

Jackson is a fake movie about a roman myth that is nothing like the actual thing.

Jackson is classified as a "middle school".

Jackson is the mainstream media has given this shakedown artist a public forum for 25.

Try it! It's fun! Promise, cross my muddy paws and hope to bark! smile

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I can get out of- anything...
Barked: Thu Apr 14, '11 5:41am PST 
lol that's funny

Sam is...

sam is is ability to run completely invisible in the background if needed
sam is is seen infrequently during the early shifts
sam is is a tall

Veni Vidi Nom
Barked: Wed Apr 20, '11 11:28am PST 
Some ones I liked:

Fenrir is a very strong guardian force.
Fenrir is one that I take everywhere I go.
Fenrir is a gigantic and terrible monster in the shape of a wolf.


I can get out of- anything...
Barked: Wed Apr 20, '11 1:18pm PST 
wow fenrir those were very cool results!

I'm a wild and- crazy gal!
Barked: Fri May 6, '11 11:40am PST 
Gracie is one happy, loving girl.
Gracie is very irresistible.
Gracie is brilliant.

Barked: Mon May 23, '11 10:24pm PST 
Haha! This is awesome. Gracie, yours were great!
I cheated though and scrolled through and found a couple that really stuck out to me.

Conker is still drunk
Conker is now sloshing around in hills of poo
Conker is able to jump very high and hover by spinning his tail

Veni Vidi Nom
Barked: Mon May 23, '11 11:03pm PST 
"Conker is now sloshing around in hills of poo"

big laugh
Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Tue May 24, '11 12:15am PST 
Conker that is hysterical! He must smell after that! laugh out loud

Proud to be a- Pit!
Barked: Thu Aug 25, '11 3:42pm PST 
Mack is stunning in colour.
Mack is running for the position of standish village idiot.
Mack is a rookie driver in the indy racing league.

I'm- tougher than I- look.
Barked: Sat Oct 8, '11 9:11am PST 

Lola is...

The highest peak in the Tahoe National Forest
A modern gal with shocks of orange hair and a thumping techo soundtrack
Simply amazing