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*R.I.P.*- Bambi- *R.I.P.*

All about the- kisses
Barked: Tue Aug 18, '09 10:04pm PST 
lettuce and cat poop!mmmmmmmmm!
Ebony Ursula-

Lil' Miss- Busy-Body
Barked: Wed Aug 26, '09 8:08pm PST 
I LUV salads. Iceburg lettuce with shredded carrots with a sprinkling of hard boiled egg on top...yumm yum!!! I also love cooked celery, sqaush, & greenbeans. Oh and I also melon and peeled apple slices.dancing

It's all about- the love
Barked: Wed Aug 26, '09 8:41pm PST 
Anything and everything as long as it ain't veggies.


Car Ride?
Barked: Mon Sep 7, '09 3:55am PST 
pig ears,
and steak =D

Barked: Fri Oct 23, '09 4:18pm PST 
Anything! Whatever my person gives me- I eat happily!

Smiling Westie- Boy
Barked: Sun Dec 19, '10 8:11am PST 
Catfoodcloud 9 Veggiescloud 9 and Cheesecloud 9

Divas can get- dirty too !
Barked: Sat Feb 19, '11 7:15am PST 
carrots cloud 9
Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Sun Apr 3, '11 10:50pm PST 
MARROW BONES! The bigger, the older, the smellier, the better! YUM!
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