Apples... Leaves... Pies... OH MY!

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Apples... Leaves... Pies... OH MY!

It's time for another contest!

Fall is approaching us quickly and us Dogster's want to see you having a ball during the Autumn season! Be silly, be happy!

Do you eat apples, roll in leaves, or sneak a slice pumpkin pie off the table? BOL! Any fall themed picture is accepted!

Edited, animated, and original photos are accepted.

Please tag your photos as: applesleavespies

The maximum of 5 photos are accepted per family.

Now here is what you have been waiting for... the PRIZES!

First Place:
~ 20 zealie transfer
~ 1 special gift
~ A Special Picture

Second Place
~ 10 zealie transfer
~ 1 rosette
~ A Special Picture

Third Place
~ 5 zealie transfer
~ 1 rosette

3 Honorable Mention Winners
~100 bones
~ 1 Febreeze collar gift

* This is also a Doglorie sponsored contest. If you would like to join our group for some fun games and prizes, you may be lead to the group through here. You may still certainly enter the contest without joining the group.*

If you would like to donate a prize, it would be very much appreciated. You may pmail me, or you may post here on this thread. If you donate a prize, your name will be added at the bottom of this thread as part of a list of donors.

Contest begins September 7th. Contest ends September 29th.

Winners will be announced October 3rd.

Have fun pups, and thank you for your pawticipation! Please pmail or post if you have any questions! big grin

Natcho- 10 zealies for second place winner. 5 zealies for third place winner. (wow- thanks Nacho!)


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Our apples trees, two of them, are right outside the horse field. Mom tosses the apples to the field every day and I try to intercept them. This is GREAT fun because I can then eat them after running and playing with them. Sometimes I steal them right under the horses when they bite into them and part falls to the ground.

Could some pup please come and take a picture of this? laugh out loud Mom isn't that speedy with the camera. red face
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Wow, cool!!!! I gotta get Mommy to start taking pics!!! cheer