Which Celebrity Are You??

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Who knows where- that food went?- I do!
Barked: Thu May 29, '08 7:21am PST 
JET Was: Ellen DeGeneres (Whos she?!)
Odin Was: Tiger Woods
Buster- (1996-2008)

Are you gonna- eat that?
Barked: Sun Oct 12, '08 1:22pm PST 
I'm Will Smith, and Toby is Simon Cowell.

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Daisy Mae

Lick-Lick (Give- lots of kisses)
Barked: Fri Nov 14, '08 5:55am PST 
Hi Everyone,
I'm new here. I'm Daisy-Mae. I took the quiz and it said I was Madonna! Mom say's that one was right on! BOL!

Loulee Mae

Barked: Tue Nov 18, '08 5:53pm PST 
Angelina Jolie
Traditional Beauty

Just like with Hollywood superhero Angelina Jolie, they broke the mold after they created Loulee Mae!

Defying the conventional meaning of the word pawpular, Loulee Mae can't scratch behind an ear without it being reported and talked about. Loulee Mae leaves pets of the opposite sex blubbering and babbling nonsensically after each encounter, their cuteness and charm receptors bubbling over with excitement. Always one to entice a broad audience, Loulee Mae not only loves to strut her stuff on the dogwalk, but digs every chance she gets to make a difference, adopt a pet in need or dish out for her favorite charity.
laugh out loud
Monkey (RIP- 2006-2008)

Punky Monkey
Barked: Tue Nov 18, '08 6:00pm PST 
Simon Cowell
Hard to Please

Enterprising, brassy and not afraid to bark what's on his mind, Monkey is Idol-maker Simon Cowell!

Huh? But i can't sing!
♥Tiff- y♥

~Don't let- the cuteness- fool you~
Barked: Wed Nov 19, '08 8:32am PST 
I am Gwen Stefani!big grin

Love Life
Barked: Thu Jan 1, '09 7:46pm PST 
I'm Gwen Stefani too. Mom's very proud. blue dog

Gwen Stefani
Style & Talent

A stuff-strutter and a trend-setter, Riley is rock star Gwen Stefani!

There's no doubt that Riley was born to entertain—her vintage look mixed with her modern style keep her public (not to mention her owner) coming back for more. Her jaw-dropping looks may mean that she's a common occurrence on the PetStar Magazine 50 Most Beautiful Pets list, but a player she is not: Riley is as loyal as they come. Despite the amount of attention she receives from devoted fans, it's not hard to see that underneath that well-groomed rock and roll coat, Riley is, after all, just a girl.

Where's my- treat?
Barked: Wed Feb 18, '09 12:07am PST 
I'm Madonna.

Chacha was Paris Hilton.

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Abby CGC

Big and- Beautiful
Barked: Thu Apr 23, '09 11:49am PST 
I am Oprah
Sandy(In- Loving- Memory)

Jan 1997- May- 2010♥-
Barked: Thu Apr 23, '09 11:50am PST 
I got Angelina Joliecheer
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