Which Celebrity Are You??

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Lil' Luie- **Rainbow- Bridge**

Little Rainbow- Cutie
Barked: Sat Apr 26, '08 3:52pm PST 
Hahahahaha, Shylo...you are paris Hilton big laugh big laugh big laugh

Little Applehead
Barked: Sat Apr 26, '08 5:43pm PST 
I'm Angelina Jolie. My Mom keeps running around saying, "Here Brad, come to Mama" Who the heck is Brad? Whoever he is, I hope he brings treats. BOL confused

Mars is covered- in BBQs!
Barked: Sun Apr 27, '08 7:34pm PST 
Will Ferrell! big laugh Suits me well. big grin

Wow, your dog is Will Ferrell!

Will Ferrell
The Comedian

Keeping a straight face around Tank is a cheek muscle-wrenching nightmare. Try as you may, but giggling is inevitable because Tank is comedian Will Ferrell!

For a while Tank was just funny on Saturday nights, but that's all changed now that he's taken his act on the road. Whether he's being silly in real life or on the silver screen, Tank has a true knack for making people crack up. Tank has even managed to make the crossover to the cyberwebs, where he delivers raw, fresh, uncooked humor to his countless cyberpet fans. A fast runner, Tank runs marathons when he's not dreaming up his next slapstick routine. Widely talented and able to impetsonate any number of two and four-legged critters, Tank's fans will be lapping it up for a long time to come.

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Silly dog,- tricks are for- puppies!
Barked: Sun Apr 27, '08 7:45pm PST 
Your dog is Amy Winehouse!
Talent, talent, talent, baby! Overflowing with talent, almost to the point of just not knowing where to put it all, Lobo is Amy Winehouse!
Mmm-hmm, you go, girlfriend! With a voice that stops hearts and moves souls, Lobo's soothing sounds and funky furstyles are taking the animal world by storm. Perhaps a little overwhelmed by all of the attention, Lobo can occasionally get herself into a little trouble, but it's nothing she can't dig her way out of with help from her loving friends and family. Her flamboyant lifestyle receives a ton of attention from the media, but her shooting star talent keeps Lobo in the flow and on the go!

Are you gonna- eat that?
Barked: Wed Apr 30, '08 11:23am PST 
I got Johnny Knoxville. My mommy lols.
Sheba (RIP,- Beautiful- One)

A Cranky Italian- Grandma
Barked: Wed Apr 30, '08 12:48pm PST 

hamster dance

Bird Whisperer
Barked: Wed Apr 30, '08 5:57pm PST 
I got George Clooney. Mom says maybe its the salt and pepper hairbig laughlaugh out loud

I'm- tougher than I- look.
Barked: Fri May 2, '08 7:32pm PST 
I got Angelina Jolie...whoo hoo! wink
Zak (7/20/01- - 5/15/13)

Ready for the- clubhouse!
Barked: Sat May 3, '08 6:56am PST 
With a name like Lola what did you expect? Wheewie, I gotta sit down for a while now. cloud 9

Lord of the- manor,master of- the woods.
Barked: Sat May 3, '08 7:40am PST 
Zak, who is your celebrity match? Seems some pups are being awfully quiet on this topic! thinking
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