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Here's mine!

It's called "Never Dance With The Devil!"

There was a teenage girl that was ready and upcoming for the school dance. She bought her red dress yesterday and used her devil red lip stick from last year. She asked her parents and they replyed no, but she wasn't atemtted. She snuck out. As she approched the doors waiting for a guy to dance with, she hesitated about what she had just done but went in the school dance anyway. As she went for a drink, a guy asked her to a dance. As she looked at him, he looked like the guy that came from heaven, but the other way around. They danced in all eyes as the guy spun her. Faster and faster she went, her feet and dress disappered, then her body and hair. As she stopped, all you could see is the devil red lip stick that had fallen from her pocket of the dress. She was dust and now she is down in the red. In the devil's soup. If you ever do what she did, you will see her the next day when you wake up. Be careful!

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