Dogster Junior Highschool & Highschool

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Here is a fun school where there are Junior highschool and highschool in the same school! And unlike humans, this school is only on weekends. And there will be 3 classes for junior high, and 2 classes for high (because highschool classes fit more students) . First, the bus will pick you up in the morning. when you first get to school, do anything you want

School schedule-
Saturday-9:00 Am-4:00 Pm catster time
Sunday-9:00 Am-4:00 Pm catster time

Supplies you need for school-
permanent markers (black and colored)
big erasers
pencil cap erasers
goggles (used in science class)

Classes you are supposed to take:
essay class-use your laptop in this class and its for special assignments
Homeroom work-do any work the teacher assigns you to
science- do work on paper, on your laptop, or chemicals class where you use the goggles
Social studies- Biography, community, and other stuff like that
math class-Whos up for 'da math?!
Health class-Study medicine, how to keep healthy..

After the morning bell, you can..:
Go practice for sports or singing
Eat breakfast
get on laptop
Work with the teacher

after afternoon bell, you can..:
Go do a sport or singing tournament
eat lunch
get on laptop
Clean out the inside of your desk
do essays

Stuff to join:
craft center (art class)

Class schedule:
homeroom work- any time
Breakfast-11:00 Am catster time
math class-12:00 pm catster time
lunch-12:30 Pm catster time
Social studies-1:00 Pm catser time
Science- 2:00 Pm catser time
Essay class- 3:00 Pm catser time
health class-4:00 Pm catser time

Junior high school classroom teachers-
Class 1- Minnie
Class 2- rusky
class 3- Pixie

Highschool classroom teachers-
Class 1-Furby
Class 2-angel


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A Really Excited- Angel!!!
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♥- Happy aka- Blackfur

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I would really like to join but it conflicts with my schedule

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hazel *WoOt- WoOt*

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sign me up!

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me too!

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Hazel and Princess, welcome to the school! Happy, I will take a school for you at a different time if you don't have time