"_______ likes" Google game

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Squeek Sqeeek- Sqeeeek!!!
Barked: Sun Aug 27, '06 7:26pm PST 
Go to google type in quotes " (dogs name) likes" and list the first three searches that come up. I will Start by googling "Boomer likes"

1) ''Boomer likes it that way and that's fine,''
3) Boomer likes to ride in cars

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Huff, Sigh
Barked: Sun Aug 27, '06 7:29pm PST 
1. Budda likes llamas, preferably buddist llamas that live in beverly hills

2. Budda likes coffee ?

3. budda likes old skool ganstas

Wow those were totally random!
The- Hollidawg

Bridge Biscuits- are divine.
Barked: Mon Aug 28, '06 6:23am PST 
1. Holly Likes shaving.

2. Holly Likes Chocolate Biscuits. (Really!)

3. Holly likes hamburger, maggi noodles, and french fries.



In your face,- and not going- anywhere!!!
Barked: Mon Aug 28, '06 6:33am PST 
Hershey Likes:

1 - digging
2 - giving slobbery kisses
3 - rough housing

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Rollercoaster- Tykcoon
Barked: Mon Aug 28, '06 6:44am PST 
1) Tyke likes to play and cuddle

2) Tyke likes to fly (i didn't know i could fly!!)

3) Tyke likes rock music (odd)

Trust me...I'm a- beagle
Barked: Mon Aug 28, '06 6:46am PST 
Oz likes to have universally generalized theories of pretty much everything.

Oz likes to study and draw maps

3.( I couldn't get a third one that started with "Oz likes")
Oz tells it like it is, and baby, it ain't pretty

More Bored- Collies
Barked: Mon Aug 28, '06 6:51am PST 
Alrighty well I had to use Coby instead of Cobain becasue the only one we found for Cobain was something about how he likes bananas up the butt which well isn't appropriate.

Coby likes people who work hard and says it's easy to admire someone when they are successful on the field or in the classroom due to hard work

Coby likes to snuggle, run in the backyard and play with his brother the Whippet~Jack....(my brother's a beagle named Oz :S)

And yeah that's all there really was...

Barked: Mon Aug 28, '06 6:56am PST 
Dino likes to follow the foster Mom everywhere. He likes walks, sleeping in the people bed. (yep that's me minus the foster mom)

Dino likes napping on freshly done laundry

3. Dino likes to hang out at home, surfing on his PC. It's the one piece of equipment that makes his house his home (party what I'm doing right now)

I'm a HOT DOG!!!
Barked: Mon Aug 28, '06 6:59am PST 
1. Civil War reenactments, dollar DVDs, Mister Wizard's World

2. Street hockey

3. awareness for disability rights

Ok, now here's the funny thing - mom actually loves ice hockey and my Grandaddy was disabled and had a hard time getting the government to finally approve his paperwork!! LOL!

Xena Puggle:- Curtain Slayer!
Barked: Mon Aug 28, '06 7:08am PST 
1. Xena likes to patrol the house at night, so even if she sleeps upstairs, she will be on/off the bed throughout the evening.

2. Xena likes to practice...a lot.

3. Knows what temperature Xena likes her bath water. 8.

since #3 doesn't really count, I'll add: Xena likes to knock the telephone off the hook and meow.

BOL, how fun! Thanks Boomer!
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