My Kahlua passed this Sunday :(

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Barked: Tue Sep 17, '13 7:42pm PST 
Well, like I said, my Kahlua passed this sunday evening from Liver cancer. We thought and were hoping it was a splenic tumor, but couldn't be sure from the ultrasounds and xrays, and her bloodwork was normal. so I chose exploratory surgery for her because she was feeling very very icky frown They found that her liver was completely riddled with cancer, and wasn't functioning at all. There was nothing we could do for her, and I promised her when I got her that I wouldn't let her suffer, and she was playful and happy sunday morning, just very very tired and couldn't keep food down, had I opted to drain her abdomen from the clear fluid produced by the liver, and keep her longer, she would have lived maybe 2 weeks, and they would have been miserable weeks, with how sick she would have been, and also from healing from surgery. I wanted to keep my promise to her, and not be selfish, but I'm having a very very hard time coping with this. I have 2 other dogs, and it feels so empty around here. I've had her half my life, and don't remember life without her. This is so painful frown

How do other peoples dogs react to the loss of a dog? Mine seem to be looking for her, and It just pours salt on my wound, I don't know how to make them feel better, or what to do, cause I know Louie's scent is all over this place, and she was a very big and loving girl, and they (tiny chihuahuas) slept on her, and she licked their heads all the time and played with them, one of my chihuahua's keeps circling the couch looking for her where she used to lay a lot. This is very heartbreaking to me. I don't even really know why I'm posting, just venting I guess. I'm still in disbelief, this all happened so fast, because we have Louie checked all the time because she's an epileptic, and her CBC's always came out perfect, her abdominal physicals were always good, we can't figure out how this cancer went under the radar until it was too late considering anemia is a huge sign of cancer and her blood work was always tip top frown
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Fly free sweet Kahlua! My sympathy to you on the loss of Kahlua. I lost my precious Annie to malignant masses on her spleen that spread to the liver. She was doing fine and then was anemic and went downhill in a matter of weeks. She was only 9 yrs old. little angellittle angellittle angel hug

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I'm so sorry to hear that about Annie frown That's sort ofr how it went down with us too, only there was absolutely no signs in her bloodwork of any anemia or anything even off, and we had 2 different vets look at her before opting for the exploratory surgery frown I still just don't understand how she could have had such advanced liver cancer with no signs in her blood. It's driving me crazy frown

Thank you so much for responding to my post. Ironically we called Kahlua Annie Sue as a nickname cry


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I'm so sorry! Cancer is a terrible disease. RIP Kahlua
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Kahlua, a beautiful girl. I lost my Lady on September 3, 2013 and I can't come to grips with it. Lady's daughter, Katy, my 10 year old is doing pretty well. At first, I think she was sad and wondered why I was always crying and I'm sure she still wonders, but she's doing okay. She seems a bit timid, more so than usual, but still plays, gets excited, and barks at the squirrels, so overall, she's okay. I hope the coming days bring relief for you and the pets. big hug