My precious lil Bella Rose

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.

Bella Rose

Barked: Mon May 6, '13 2:07pm PST 
My precious lil fur ball passed away last tuesday April,30th 2013 in a tragic accident. she would never corss the parking lot unless we (my husband,kid, or I) would cross. I took her out to play with my kids and the rest of the neighborhood kids she loved all the kids and they all loved her. She seen my husband cross the parking lot which is about 12feet wide and ran after him and a truck ran her over. my husband didn't know she outside or else he would of been watcing for her to cross. After the truck ran her over the driver didnt stop, she was still alive, got up and ran about 20ft where she collapsed. We rushed her to the Animal hospital ER within minutes of the accident, I was willing to pay what ever it took to save my precious Bella but by the time we got there they told us it was to late, they tried cpr but couldnt get a hertbeat. It hurts so much, I had never had a dog who I bonded with like I did with my precious lil Bella loosing her has been so hard, I blame my self for not watching her or keeping her on the leash like I should had. She was indor dog so she was a big part of my everyday life, the house feels so empty and quiet without her. I miss her so much, this past week has been horrible I hardly slept or ate. Rest in Pet Paradise my precious lil fur ball and wait for me at the rainbow bridge, mommy will meet you there one day. I miss you sooo much!cry

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Barked: Mon May 6, '13 3:34pm PST 
I am sorry for your losshughughug
Angel Annie

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Oh that must have been horrible! I can't even imagine! Fly free sweet Bella Rose! little angellittle angellittle angel hughughug


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Barked: Tue May 7, '13 5:14am PST 
So sorry for your loss.rainbowlittle angel "Fly Free Bella Rose"little angelrainbow
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Barked: Tue May 7, '13 12:33pm PST 
I'm so sorry for your loss. When they're gone so suddenly like that, it's incredibly hard. You feel like they were taken from you, and there were so many things you didn't get to do, and it's very lonely.

Try not to blame yourself, it wasn't your fault, you don't need to add guilt on top of everything else. frown

Take care. hug
Bella Rose

Barked: Tue May 7, '13 3:47pm PST 
Thank you all! It really means alot. Your condolences are greatly appreciated.
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So very sorry for your loss hug

Hump Hump
Barked: Mon May 20, '13 10:13am PST 
Godspeed to you Bella....hug

Rest In Peace Pretty Girl...rainbow

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Sail on Fair winds and Calm seas Sweet Bella.