Please read! Deramaxx/Duramax

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A little background: I had a 3 year old Boxer/Mastiff mix. His name was Jack, he wasn't just my dog he was part of the family. I didn't see him as a dog, but a human like myself. I loved him as much as you can love any human. My family had saved him as a puppy from an abusive family. He was malnourished (5-7lbs underweight) and he had demodicosis mange. We nursed him back to health and he was a vibrant, full of energy dog! When he loved someone, he loved them!

Because of his hard upbringing he developed early onset hip dysplasia. Then we were prescribed Deramaxx. The doctor wanted to see how he was on that before we did the surgery. Well, a week into it was all it had to take to poison him. Yesterday he was vomiting so much, that I had to keep a plastic bag right by him and just hold him. Then, we had to carry him outside to use the washroom because he couldn't get up, then he couldn't unrinate. We took him to the emergency room when we took his temperature and it was below 96 degrees. When we brought him in he was suffering from shock.

At 3:30am, today he had passed away due to intestinal ulcers that became infected and he went in to septic shock. The doctor said it was because of the Deramaxx, it ate away at his stomach lining.

As I am writing this post in tears, I beg and plead with dog owners do not give your dog Dermaxx, please seek other methods. No dog owner should go through this. He was only 3 years old, and this "medicine" ravaged him.

Jack was an amazing dog, with the personality of a person. I will love and miss him.

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I am so very sorry for your loss!! hug